New Qobuz account

I have a new Qobuz account. I wonder how I can change my Qobuz account in the Naim app.

I’d guess just sign in to Qobuz on the Naim app with the new password.

That’s what I thought as well … But on the Naim app I can’t sign in to Qobuz.

Try deleting the Naim app, then reload it and click on the Qobuz icon in sources on the Naim app. You’ll have to sign in then. I had to dump the app just yesterday and had to sign in to Qobuz in order for the "presets-albums-tracks-artists… heading to appear.

OK, will try that. Thanks!

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Why not, you must have done it before you changed to a new account. Surely you can just sign out of Qobuz on the Naim app then sign back in with your new details?

That would make much sense but somehow I can’t sign out …

This button doesn’t work?

I did find that changing a password it seemed to need 24 hours to be reset, before i could start using and logging in?

This looks like the screen I’ve missed so far … Not sure if it appears in my app. Have to check it when I’m back home.

Go to input settings, pick Qobuz and it’s there.

Found it, thanks!

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