New Qobuz adherent

I am currently limited to my house Sonos System as both the main “Listening Room” & our Media Room are being refurbed.
Our Sonos music was supplied by Spotify, but recently substituted by Apple Music. Both services were very flakey and dropouts were common.
I always attributed this to our awful broadband performance, but no longer.
This morning we subscribed to Qobuz and WOW :open_mouth:, what a difference.
Same speakers, same broadband, same music choices, but a massive improvement in quality and service reliability.
All other subscriptions now scrapped!!!
Can’t wait to run it on the REAL systems🙂
The Media Room will be using the Mac through a Dragonfly Cobalt, but I definitely need a proper streamer for the Naim system🤔


Great to hear Qobuz works well for you.

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I have had the same experience with the better stability and reliability of Qobuz vs. Apple Music in my car using the mobile apps. We use both services around the house fed into our house-wide Sonos system (which actually sounds better than I anticipated with several Sonos Amps feeding Episode 7 Series in-ceiling speakers and a Sonos Sub for the main TV room - for all you Sonos-haters, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!), but in my car, and of course on our Uniti Nova, it is all Qobuz. Glad it works for you, too!

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Are you using the new Sonos Amp for your ceiling speakers, I have several Sonos Connect Amps and was contemplating upgrading them to the current Amp, agree with you it’s a terrific product and the software is the best I’ve used and I do have a couple of Naim Streamers.

Last year, when my nds was having the screen fixed, I used a cobalt as the dac through an innuos zen mk3 to run my 500 components. The result was surprisingly good.

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@Petersfi sorry for diversion and maybe something you’ve answered before.

How much did the screen replacement cost on the NDS?

Approx. $300 Canadian. Possibly not bad considering it was shipped from Vancouver to Montreal and back.

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Yep, I have 4 of the new Sonos Amps powering 16 speakers in 4 zones. Everything is seamless, and the sound is what I use for indoor TV room (with powered wireless Sonos Sub), outdoor TV porch, kitchen and bonus room/play room. They are small, stackable without a rack and because they are Class D they run cool. Plenty of power for my purposes. Not in the same league with my Nova and Mu-So sound-wise, but the functionality, compatibility and simplicity is unrivaled!

Thanks for the info, time for me to update I think, and Sonos offer an attractive trade in discount, enjoy the music!

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