New Qobuz update and Naim uniti 2

Great to Hear Qoubuz is getting Naim’s attention but as an owner of the Old Uniti 2, would the update include Uniti 2 as well or is it wishful thinking

I’m afraid it’s wishful thinking. The Naim announcement mentions only the new Unitis and the future platform new streamers. With muso 2 and Qb2 coming along later.



Oh dear,
Thanks for quick reply I guess it is time to catch up with the rest, and update my system

There is another thread (Owner of NDX1 will be very sad…) here which discusses one option which is to use a Chromecast Audio dongle into a digital input on a legacy streamer. It’s a cheap and very effective way to bring new streaming services into an existing system.



Thanks David , I am actually using this for the last 3-4 years , and as much as it is effective most of the time , It sometimes struggles to get connection and you still have to use volume control on Naim to adjust volume , and as I joined the Roon club , I am currently thinking of getting a Roon certified bridge like Innuos ZENmini Mk3 to bridge the gap in my Uniti2 for a reaction of the price of upgrading the new Naim generation

I think some of the streaming services have struggled a bit with Chromecast in their apps, although I don’t use mine for that, but a friend of mine uses his with Primephonic and this suddenly became a realistic option with the last update of the Primephonic app about a week ago.

Anyway there are lots of options!


Cheers David

Indeed, some apps I tried had a very poor implementation of Chromecast that made the worst of them virtually unusable. Qobuz was one of them, although it may have improved now.

I’m a big fan of the Zen Mini, and it has the potential to replace the entire streaming board of your Uniti. The Mk3 now has a DAC as well, so you could even replace the Uniti with just an amp. Even without Roon, you get Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify, so it pretty much does everything that a NAS, server and Naim streamer can do, all in one box.

Wow that is Fab , I didn’t expect that ! great to know. I’ll be investing in it then without upgrading my Naim

Let us know how you get on. You should be able to get a demo from a dealer so that you can see how it sounds compared to your Uniti. I haven’t heard it playing through its built in DAC, so I couldn’t say which would be best between an analogue or digital connection.

cool, will do

I have always used the Bubble UPNP app with my Uniti 2 and Qobuz (and other services) could be streamed very easily this way. Just choose the service you want under the local libraries…

No need to update the hardware just for that… But even with my Nova I still use Bubble more often than the Naim app…

Now to be clear the Naim website discusses that ‘automatic’ updates will be available for newer products, starting with the Nova, etc. The older products might be available after that. You might have to hook your Uniti2 up to your computer via usb cable and do the update that way. The older products did not have auto update capability but could be updated via hardware/software. I would keep following this if I were you.

Of course it’s possible to update firmware on the old products but that isn’t the point. Naim has said that Qobuz will only be available for the new platform streamers.



You could be right about that.

I bet there are far, far more old platform streamers out there than new ones, given all the years of production, though this will rebalance over time. Naim can decide what they like of course but it does seem a bit shoddy and cheapskate not to introduce Qobuz on the old platform. We can have the aural equivalent of American chlorinated chicken with Tidal but not a high standard European offering with Qobuz.

Do we know if the old streamers are technically capable of integrating Qobuz, if they are, then i agree that is a great shame. Perhaps a voting thread by owners of the old platform may make Naim change their mind?

I’ve just emailed Charlie to ask this very question. Let’s see.

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I think it’s going to be mainly an issue of squashing any more code in without breaking the SQ.

And the cost of developing and testing for so many out of production products wouldn’t be trivial either.