New racking order for 3 Stack Fraim

I love the layout we created with the racks and you spent along time helping with that. It also looks spot on. Everything looks right where it is.

I will take up the carpet and look underneath the chipboard at the weekend and will come up with a solution.

Potentially the floor can be strengthened and stabilised using systems other than concrete, as described in my posts. It’s really a case of strengthening the subfloor underneath the middle rack. The other thing they may well have done is fitted a floating floor with chipboard over solid insulation. Until I get the floor up things are uncertain.

Things that you want right in my view are earnt and are not always easy in life.

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Dan, a better solution (that avoids concrete) might be to cut away the existing floor where the stands are and replace it with an ‘island floor’ that is constructed in the same way, but completely separate from the main floor. Just leave a small gap between the two floors and seal it with silicone.

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Thanks and I think it’s a good idea to isolate the areas if possible. We need to get the floor up and see what’s underneath. My plan is to take the chipboard up where the racks are and then it all depends on how it’s constructed.

I’m a builder so have alot of ideas. I suspect it’s suspended timber floor but sometimes they just go straight on top of insulation.

All will be revealed!

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Sounds like a plan. I seem to recall someone on this forum built concrete platforms under the floor for his racks and speakers with a good degree of success. However, your bracing idea should work. As you say, investigate what you have and go from there. Glad you decided against wall shelf in your case.

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Yes, decoupling is preferable because adding more bracing may only shift the problem higher up the audible range. I do sometimes like to pour concrete though :wink:

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It’s a case of minimal work with maximum effect. The Fraims move with a nudge anyhow. So decoupling completely will separate the Fraim stacks from rest of floor.

We don’t know if it’s possible to do that until area is exposed.

I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve but you have made a great point. This is why I love this forum. Different people, different solutions. And some are genius! I hope your island floor solution is possible as it makes so much sense.

I intend to take up floor saturday. My system has been taken apart and rebuilt so much recently, you would not believe. Just decorated walls and ceiling so am used to this. Everything out. Work done. Everything in. Now everything out…

Will be worth it though if it solves the problem. Anything to get the system spot on. No compromises. All or nothing.


It will be worth the effort, I think.

In my previous, Victorian, house, I had to walk away from the Linn like Kwai-Chang Caine on rice paper.

My system is now on the ground floor of a 1990’s build (now in need of quite a lot of work, as everything is wearing out at the same time :roll_eyes:) but the floor is solid, so I can approach and leave the deck without trying to move like a Shaolin monk :grinning:


Stay strong big man and just do it. My wonderful parter is 2/3 way through chemo and, like you, is a force of nature :saluting_face:

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That’s great to hear. How has your partner been getting on with the treatment? I now start on monday morning.

The effect of the first dose was rough, but she has handled it better with each treatment session. The anti sickness meds work well though, so life goes on - with a few bumps in the road.

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