New racking order for 3 Stack Fraim

Having set up a 3 rack Fraim system on a separate wall I really like the looks and sound of the new set up. I also like that it is somewhat out of view of the TV and speakers.

The problem I now have is the suspended timber floor means that the LP12 does not work on the Fraim. Unless I pussyfoot around the record needle jumps. I don’t want this.

I could strengthen the floor with noggins and sistering joists or concreting below the LP12 Fraim stack.

My idea is to mount a turntable shelf on the back wall between the far right Fraim and the speaker picture.

The new proposed Fraim stacking order would be:

Stack 1

Stack 2
Supercap 2

Stack 3
Lingo 1

Then, like I say turntable wall shelf in between left speaker and right hand stack.

Now, when I did this before others, especially @Graeme came up with much better solutions.

Let me know your thoughts.


Solid Floors = Better… :expressionless:

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I used a wall shelf for many years with my LP12 and found it superior to being on the top of a Fraim even though that was on a concrete floor with wood overlaid. It was a solid outside wall that the shelf was fixed to. Is there enough space to fit the record deck shelf next to the window above the 3rd stack. Aesthetically I would have thought that may be better than between the stack and the speaker?

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Yes, there is enough room. I have the racks set 20cm from the back wall to allow for cable dressing and the radiator. It is doable, but would look a little awkward in some ways. The third right stack is also 20cm from the other wall where speaker is, so the turntable would look very offset that way.

It could work well and would definitely be more practical. If I did that then CDS2 would need to move somewhere else as I don’t want LP12 up too high ideally.

How about swapping the LP12 around with the CDS2 probably less bouce nearer the wall

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Worth a try and I think it will improve very slightly. But I had a wall shelf before when I had stacks on speaker wall. It’s a 1999 property and the subfloor is bouncy.

I have new cart and want LP12 to be solid.

How about a turntable shelf on that little bit of wall next to the window above the last Fraim rack.

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That’s what @mikebu suggested and I am liking this idea. Will still affect racking order with Lingo 1 and phonostage needing to be closer to LP12.

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Swapping the LP12 and CDS2 probably means the cables for the phonostage and Lingo won’t reach the TT, thus the need to rearrange the racks. The racks are already ideally set up so any moves are to the detriment of the system. You may be OK with that, and that’s fine.

Ideally, with your skills, I would pour a concrete floor for the racks to stand on. It’s a big upheaval but I’m sure you could do it quickly and efficiently. Just be sure you will never move the racks again.

If you decide to put the TT on the wall where you suggest, then rack order depends on cables reaching where they need to go. Remember to follow the principles of rack order as far as is possible, for best possible results.

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I have the same problem as you with my LP12, not used very much atm as I need to get it on a turntable shelf as I’m afraid of damaging needle when I walk around.

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Other suggestion would be to move your system to right hand wall where your fish tank was/is.

Only problem then being I should think it’s an internal wall so will be more difficult to mount a turntable shelf.

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Is there space to fit a wall bracket directly over the right hand stack, something like this?



How about move all the racks to the left one rack space and have the turntable shelf on the bit of wall next to the window? That would make it easier to get to the turntable as there wouldn’t be any rack in the way.

As long as your speaker cables would stretch the extra.

The ideal situation is to have a Naim system along a left hand wall and have the amps and power supplies first (nearest to speakers) then pre amps and phono stuff. But it’s not always possible or convenient to do that.

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There is enough space to put a wall mounted turntable shelf above the right stack. As @Graeme says the stacking order is currently perfect and it all looks great.

Concreting the floor underneath or strengthening it is best solution. If I keep current position of Fraim it’s a case of shuttering area underneath where mid stack is and pouring concrete in. And then letting it dry before putting carpet back. Other option is to put noggins in between that joists and on either side to strengthen it, setting those below the finished floor and then put several layers of ply underneath the chipboard to sure things up, resting on top of the noggins.

Latter solution would be less intrusive instead of concreting with drying times.

How big is the void between joists and the ground? If its a foot or so I’d be tempted to brace the joists, couple of car jacks and paving slabs.

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I haven’t taken up subfloor floor. I can do that but I guess was looking at easy solution.

Unfortunately, if you want things right, you have to take the long road sometimes (or always)!

I think bracing the floor, creating extra support, slabs underneath or timber legs to sub ground level will all work.

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Absolutely! You’ve come this far, so no short cuts @Dan_M. This system is all or nothing imo.

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Well, I ripped up the sofa to get room right. Floor strengthening it is. Plan is then to remove system, take carpet and underlay back in area. Cut out section of chipboard. See what’s underneath, evaluate and strengthen with combination of slabs, timber legs, noggins and joist strengthening as necessary. Concrete isn’t ideal due to drying times and mositure.

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I have read previously that turntables really shouldn’t be in corners, especially if you play loud, which I know you do. Maybe it’s a myth, but I’d be a bit cautious. Perhaps try the deck on the right hand Fraim and turn things up and check for any oddities before you start drilling the wall. Maybe it would be possible to move all three racks a couple of feet to the left and then aligning a wall shelf with the top of the Fraim would work.

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There is a lot of bass energy in the corners. I would avoid that if possible with a turntable.

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