New racks? How about the Hi Fi Racks Podium?

Currently running a pair of 3-tier Isoblue which I’m thinking are getting a bit long in the tooth.

I’m very attracted to the Hi Fi Racks Podium XL.

It’s better looking, but what about SQ?

Any users on here who can offer an insight?:thinking:

I tried a Hifi Racks rack once, albeit the Lite version and it was absolutely dreadful, with a slow and leaden sound. The Isoblue is a brilliant rack and I’d take it over Hifi Racks any day of the week. Being a bit long in the tooth doesn’t mean a lot - look at the Fraim, which has been around a lot longer, or Hutter. They don’t suddenly become bad.



I use the Hifi Racks slimline, the ND555 sits on Fraim cups, balls and glass, the 4 box olive amp sits directly on the rack. I think it sounds fantastic, no lack of pace and drive, I foot-tap a lot. Of course I use the older amps which may interact differently with the stand than more modern black boxes.


That’s the one I had, not a Lite. Absolutely dreadful. If you think your system sounds good now, try it on something decent and you’ll be amazed. A 555 setup deserves more, much more. Treat it for Christmas.

no idea about the sound but i love my hi fi racks podium because it is versatile , i.e i can change the leg size to accomodate changes in kit

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I was very impressed with the SimRak. I have a Fraim, but if I didn’t then I go for one


"no idea about the sound but i love my hi fi racks podium "


How about getting your speakers on some isolation feat as that must help massively? As reduced the vibration at source rather than trying down the line

Feet would be even better.

But what’s that got to do with the racks?

I heard a full 500 series system on hifi racks UK at my dealer place. A show of the Nd555. The sound was sublime ! With a prat to die for.


Racks don’t wear out.

You won’t be able to get an “elite member” badge on the forum unless you conform to having a Fraim :joy::joy::joy:


Thanks for that link, I’d missed that thread, it’s a lovely looking product.

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They might consider a bronze badge, with Corian Shelves resting on Naim cups & balls upon Naim’s Fraimlite​:smile::smile::smile:!


Silver if you add a 500 to a 272…

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And Gold if you add SL2…


Mike your a drummer, your all about pRat, I would suggest glass like a fraim setup. Ive never herd the hifi rack brand, I see it’s what hifi’s 5th place vfm rack’s 2019. I will go with HH on this one. Wood and Naim audio go ok but your Naim has more under the bonnet when couple with glass. I’d go for full Fraim if you can afford it. Another suggestion would be mana but it looks very long in the tooth and it would be hard to get past your wife (probably), in my system it’s worth being shut out in the cold for a few nights.
Rack SQ can depend on what type of flooring, HH dislikes it and others love it, could be the reason why a large discrepancy’s in preference.

Naca 5, powerline, fraim…always the same narrow minds in this little closed naim world.
There are better power cords, better racks, and glass is not absolutely necessary to have prat and involvement. And there are not only hifi racks, utter and mana. What a pity to hear always the same.


Hi Mr Rooster, didn’t mean to get all angry was just an opinion post. Have a happy day!

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