New rega Nd7 MM Cartridge

Looks quite promising, many of the features from their top MCs trickle down, attractive price point too. I’ve been wishing for something better than the Exact for a while, this could be a good thing for rega tonearm users.


It seems that Rega are demoing a new MM design cartridge at a UK show this weekend.
As I understand the new range will replace Elys and Exact.
Did anyone manage a listen ?

If the launch price is accurate and it’s suitable for my RP3 I might be tempted.

Interesting option for MM users for sure.

It appears to be an all in one body, no removable stylus as such.

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Same here, great timing, right when I’m deliberating a cartridge change!

I would like to read how it compares to the Exact. Will the Exact be discontinued?

I didn’t get that impression; there will be 3 mm’s, elys, exact, nd7.

It’s possible since the Ndt has a higher price point.

Would guess they will release cheaper editions as well, maybe Nd3 or Nd5 ?

Elliptical stylus would be natural to fill the gab between Carbon and the new Nd7.
Elys/Bias territory also to be bundled on P2/P3 decks.

Bundled as standard fit on a P6 and P8 maybe with MC carts continuing as options?

If Nd7 is anything better than Ania - sure its tracking abilities must be - I really don’t see a future for Ania, never been my cup, along with Elys.

As I understand there’s an element of handbuild operation on Rega cartridges, wonder how many they make a’day ?


I listened to the Rega System (circa £4k) with the new floorstanders and thought it perhaps my favourite of the show. Certainly the new cartridge in the Planar 6 wasn’t letting the system down as far as I could hear, but as ever it’s hard to isolate individual parts of the system - it just all worked really well.


I wonder if it might suit the MM input of the NAIT50?

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I wondered the same thing…


@Richard.Dane Which Rega Floorstsnders? The concrete ones?

The Ayas.

@Richard.Dane Thanks. I had Rega system and liked it a lot. However our home renovation did it in. Then we moved to Naim. The new Rega stuff had LCD screens which proved difficult for us.

Refreshing to hear, you giving positive insight on the Rega and others👍


Yes that was my first thought as well @PerF that MM series Nd7 will replace Ania. Next up then the Ania Pro which to my ears is a great cartridge (as it should be at that strategic €1000 price level).

The Carbon will likely stay at the entry level. It will be interesting to see what they’ll do with the current Elys & Exact cartridges which have been around for ages. The ND7 and the Ania Pro have the same stylus profile as the Exact if I’m not mistaken. There would be a place for a Nd5 cartridge with the stylus of the Elys & Ania.

From what I see in the Bristol pictures Rega had a system there that I know sounds nice & simple for that money, not Naim level but great anyway. Nice to read also @Richard.Dane thought so.

The new Aya floor standers are really good. Too much bass in my room though, they are more successors of the RS5 than of the RS3 and even the RX3 which was a bit bigger. Hoping for a mini version of these as a true successor of the Alya/EL8/R3/RS3.

Like the new cartridge also this speaker is very much breaking new ground, so they will want to see how these are received and sold I think. All in all great new stuff from Rega.

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Gazza, I do like to give credit where it’s due, and the little Rega vinyl system was one I really enjoyed.