New Router - Streaming Issues

I’ve been using my ND5XS for quite a number of years now wireless streaming from a Synology 213j with Minimserver (transcoding to 96/4606 where possible) and the Focal/Naim ios apps with no issues. Recently I changed my ISP and they supplied a Technicolor DGA4135 router. My previous router was an ASUS RT-AC66U B1 running the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware. With the Technicolor router I’ve just had constant issues with the playback - random 2 seconds stoppages, app locks and playlists not playing for instance. Turning off the transcoding improved things slightly but still not great.
I’ve just reinstalled the ASUS router and all is well again. All playing perfectly.
I’m guessing that this is just a case of older technology not wanting to play with new technology?

You new router may have poorer WiFi performed than your old one. Newer isn’t always better.

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Perhaps you can be more specific? AFAIK, no NAS has built in wifi - is your NAS hard wired at some point?
If you connect your streamer by patch cables to your router, do you experience the same problem? It is possible that your wifi is connecting 5ghz and your streamer only to 2.4ghz. Take a look to see if you can suspend 5ghz wifi on your routers wifi, which may solve the issue; not all wifi routers handle well the jump across the two bands.

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It looks like the DGA4135 will operate in bridge mode, in which case you can use it as a modem and simply connect it to the WAN port of the AC66U, in which case it would be business as usual, so to speak.


Yes the NAS is hard wired to the router in both cases and I have the 2.4ghz and 5ghz both active in both cases too. Sorry for not making that clear. I haven’t tried suspending the 5ghz channel but if it works on the ASUS then I’ll just stick with that option for now. :+1:

I have the original BT/Openreach modem so it would be a case of keeping that and the ASUS or the DG4135 and the ASUS. I don’t think either option would be of benefit to the issue?

Some ISPs use the Technicolor routers here in the US, too. They are pretty poor but, worst of all, the ISPs typically lock you out of them and aren’t keen on setting them up in bridge mode for you.

From your original post, reverting to the Asus router sorted the issue hence my suggestion to use the DG3125 in bridge mode. It’s likely to get better performance than Openreach modems which are getting long in the tooth now.

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I have an Asus DSL-AC88U modem/router. I have tried 3 different ISP supplied routers and the Asus beats them hands down every time for speed as well as being far more configurable. Stick with the Asus would be my advice

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