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I’ve seen a lot of sales in hifi-shop on B&W series 800 D3 : a new generation will come ?

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Historically B & W revamp their 800 series about every five years and we are coming up to that time. Whether Covid and retailers being closed effects this who knows?
Times are still uncertain. People have been at home much more than usual and more time to listen and not spend money. On the other hand the fear of job losses can’t help
The larger 800s are not an impulse purchase. You need the appropriate source, front ends and a suitable room. Obvious I suppose.
However B & W are not a company to sit and wait so I would not be surprised if the product had a revamp this year.
Interesting times as well as uncertian ones.

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I believe that the Hifi industry generally has had an absolutely storming 2020 - the Pandemic rendering people at home has led to real upticks in sales for many. I know dealers who are 30% up YoY.

So I don’t think that’s a reason to not bring out new high end products. And Linn clearly didn’t see the problem in doing it!

I do think the 800 range is due a refresh - and that’s likely to be this year.

My dealer told me new 8 series will be announced in April. They are clearing stock.

Interesting and if it happens I will be along to my dealer for a dem even though I am not looking to change my current set up.

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I said that when I bought my 802 D3s about 3 years ago! Difficult to see/hear how they can be bettered. But always more.
If you can get your head around £20K+ fo a pair of loudspeakers they are good value at their price point, and more.

After phone with my dealer : new série 8 will announce in April

Just 8? Or also other series, do you know?

This is an extract from an email I received from B&W at the start of the year - it definitely looks like some sort of announcement is in the offing.

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