New service and repair costs?

Please can Clare / Neil clarify what the new costs are as of 2022?

How does it work? in the past I think a fault was repaired and an item serviced for a flat cost of about £300 plus couriers- I might be wrong

What is the situation /cost now and if an item goes to naim is it only repaired for it’s fault with servicing as an extra?


Service and repair costs are now split, so there is a choice of one or the other (or both at slight reduction.)
All Naim dealers have lists of suggested prices - they should be your first point of call.

Thanks for the prompt reply but what are those costs…it shouldn’t be a secret!!!

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No secret. The dealers have guide pricing from Naim. They are your port of call for servicing and they have the guide prices or can get an estimate for you if more complicated than straightforward.

Off the top of my head, in the UK, for a big box service on something like a NAC52 pre-amp or NAP250 power amp, I think the guide price is £400.

Why was the list deleted?

Seemed pretty fair to me.

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Because it is a document specifically designed for dealers, not customer communication.

That seems a bit harsh, as it’s available online for the world to see. What’s wrong with trying to help customers?

I imagine the suggestion that one searches for ‘Naim servicing costs 2022’ is also verboten.

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Every uk service/repair has to booked in through a dealer, so that is the conversation people should be having. The prices suggested by Naim are just a guideline- a dealer may choose to set a different price, as is their right.

Dealer quote for 252 service was £345 before midday on 6/1, £414 thereafter.

It appears that Naim have no standard service price for end users. They only have a service price for dealers. After that the dealer can charge what they like.
It s up to the end user to shop around the dealers.

Well, just like MSRP on products then which retail can adjust freely. And that is communicated without issues.

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This Thread is now quite bizarre…

I am sure the Prices are out there (on the Internet, somewhere) - so why not just allow them to be published on here…?

I guess its OK if ‘Fred’ posts that he had his 250 serviced recently for £xxx and then ‘Bill’ posts that he had his 252 serviced for £yyy… And so on…

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Indeed they are in more than one place. It is bizarre.

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Sometimes, logic goes out of the window… And its often when Prices are mentioned…

Funny that… :astonished:

Yet the main Naim UK Retail Price List is freely published, without any issue… :thinking:

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I realise that a repair might be a rather variable cost, but surely a service is standard for each piece of Naim kit. Surely then, servicing costs to the end customer can be standardised and published with a built in standard margin for the dealer.

Am I correct that dealers will stick to the published price list for new kit but can charge whet they like for servicing and repair?

If so, that is not good.

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My experience is that dealers will adjust their retail prices according to your spend and their overheads, in the normal way. I don’t think Naim operate a strict price policy, rather a suggested retail price.

I have no comment on that. I see that as down to the dealer and Naim to agree. Who knows what overheads dealers need to cover.

I have bought enough Naim kit to realise there is some haggling to be done, depending on the relationship you have with a particular dealer and how much you are spending.

The point is that you might get a dealer to budge downwards a little, or they may stick to the published new prices. With servicing and repair, it seems the dealer is at liberty to charge whatever they can get away with, if I understand correctly.

At least in EU a manufacturer is not allowed to tell retail what price they shall have. Only recommend (MSRP).


Whether it is core product or service, the dealer sets the price- Naim only provides a suggested guideline.

I don’t make the rules; don’t shoot the messenger :slight_smile:

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