New Set Up - New Connection Conundrums

I decided that the offers on OC upgrades was too tempting so I got myself a new NAC 282. A 40 pct discount was an offer I could not refuse. Now going from the SN3 pre to the 282 gives me a few connection issues. Suggestions gratefully received. First which DIN input should I use for my NDX 2 ? Does it matter ? Second I am a Hifi horder so have a 50 odd year old Pink Triangle deck plus a Clearaudio Concept MC. Clearaudio is easy - I have a Stageline and I guess I use the powered Aux 2 input ? What about the PT ? I have an Arcam rPhono in my hoard but then which input to use ? CD input with RCA or a different input with a DIN ? Or could I buy and connect another Stageline ? Is that possible and could I power it using the HCDR ? Or can the HCDR only power the 282 pre and SN3 power amp ? I am all a bit confused so want to ask the expert audience before I buy any more equipment that I can’t use.

Plenty of links on this forum about connecting a 282 to a Supernait. Worth a search and hopefully answers a few Qs. As to which DIN to use for the NDX, I use CD but really doesn’t matter.

I would use the RCA input for the Arcam as an interim before splashing out on another Stageline (which can be powered from a HICAP). However if you get a NAP you will need a HICAP to power the 282 (assuming NAP 250 or above).

Enjoy the 282 - it’s a great bit of kit and very engaging.

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Thanks for the info - I have used the pre amp power from the HCDR to power the NAC 282 and the power amp output to power the SN3. How can I add another Stage line to the set up ?

Just fired it up. Connected the NDX2 to HDD and the gain is really high compared to the turntable on Aux 2. Can’t turn up volume beyond 7pm with the NDX. Same volume for turntable is at 9pm. Are such differences normal ?

Stageline N gain is quite low so yes those apparent volume differences are normal.

Assuming you’re using Aux 2 for the first Stageline, would need a separate power supply for a second Stageline - a HICAP or ‘isupply’, which is long discontinued but found on fleabay occasionally.

Yes, the powered Aux 2 is used. Upon hearing the result, I will likely stay with the RPhono as it sounds a better match for the PT than the Stageline. Also I have a HOMC cartridge on the PT so the variable gain and capacitance adjustments on the RPhono are really useful for such a cartridge. I might upgrade the Chord Clearway RCA to a Shawline RCA/DIN. Thanks for all the suggestions. Already sounds substantially better and a keeper system ! The NAP 250 DR is the only thing to consider if I find a new one cheap enough. Otherwise loss on the SN3 is too much to bear and it does sound amazing already.

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