New sliders for under Fraim

I’ve been using a set of Herbies for years and they’re looking a little “tired.”

Our new floors (moving house in 2 weeks time) will be so nice…hand finished white oak…have to treat them well.

Any recommendations in addition to Herbies? I’ve always felt that Fraim Chips arent that gentle on hardwood floor finish. And I’ll need new sliders for under the Magico A3’s as well.

I use Chord Silent Mounts. Fraim and speakers.
Pretty expensive but lovely quality.

Under Fraim:

Under speakers:


I can’t see why Naim Chips would be a problem. With a rack on top it’s not as if they’re going to slide around and scratch anything.

Yes I see that!
And for speakers…I’d have to fit the felts to the bottoms as I anticipate some sliding them around.

We have a wooden floor and a full Fraim and Fraim chips, I haven’t noticed any damage or even mild indentation. I also got some to support my Fyne 502 SP floor standers (tidied the bass up perfectly) again no apparent marks - wooden floors do vary in their wear though - ours are Queensland Spotted Gum and that is, I think, quite a tough one…

I use Linn Skeets, they are cheaper and according to my dealer as good or better than Naim Chips.

Who needs to slide Fraim?
I have Herbie’s under speakers too, and they make positioning them very easy, but Fraim chips under Fraim. I did find new Herbie’s made the speakers (Thiel CS1.6) sound harsh for a couple of weeks but they mellowed out after that and there was no similar when the NBLs displaced the lighter Thiels.
If you do experiment with alternatives I’ll be interested in your findings, I have considered changing the gliders for Fraim chips under the NBLs now they’re placement is optimised but haven’t got further than the idea yet.

I have solid oak wood floor, i have twin fraim rack, that is far heavier than most with just naim kit on it. You can if you wish slide it and it doesn’t mark the floor.
I have slid mine a few times backwards and forwards, while messing with cables.

Indeed - the only true “sliding” application is the speakers. The Fraim once loaded with black boxes is nigh unmovable, and I suspect it’s ill-advised to try to slide it fully loaded.

My real need for “sliding” is the speakers although a case could be made that, once properly positioned, there is no reason to be sliding them either. And they could be positioned with a blanket or such under them.

The uniform response here, another forum, and my trusted dealer, has been Herbies for sliders/gliders.


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