New Sonos Port as a transport?

anybody have experience using the new Sonos Port as a transport? I could have multiple uses for one and just though, hmmm could I use that with an nDAC, SN, or DAC V1?? I’m so deep into that ecosystem, that I need to manage a gradual withdrawal vs cold turkey quitting…Not an ideal source selection, but a medium term solution

Just a quick look: either use built in dac so stereo line out direct into an amplifier
Or digital coax out into a dac.

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With the Port, you’re limited to 44.1KHz / 24 bit. I use a Connect (the predecessor of the Port) to add Sonos functionality into our main system (Digital out into an NDX2) and it’s pretty good. Various reports suggest that the Port, SQ wise (even with its digital output), is a step back compared to the Connect, so if your really wanting to do this, it’s worth looking at a used Connect. The Port is expensive for what it is.

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ironic as I gave away my old Connect!! :rofl:

Doh !

to be fair, the S1 / S2 mess is actually important to me - I don’t need the hassle of switching between the 2, so I’m pretty ok with it…when I ditched my old system and went all in on Sonos, I did so because I just wanted the pure convenience of tap, tap, music all around the house

James - just for my edification, how much do you use the Sonos vs the NDX2? I’d guess there’s a HUGE difference in SQ between the two??

I just stayed on S1 so no issues there. The only S2 device we’ve got is a Move for outside but that plays nicely with everything else. The NDX2 as a Roon endpoint is the main source and it’s also used as a digital hub for TV and Sonos. We tend to use the Connect in the main system just when we want all zones playing, usually when we’ve got friends over. For serious listening it’s always the NDX2 via Roon, but the Sonos sourced music is good too, particularly for seamless multi room playback.

I’ve been using the port for some time as source and also Airplay source to a nDAC. Compared to Sonos Connect I did not find any difference as a transport. The sound signature of the Connect is different than the Port, it is fatter and get a bit wider stage. Many people do not like the new dac chips which are without carnation around the music score… Well, the Port is not in my opinion as bad as people tell.

Gen 2 Connects support S2

So it does. My mistake - now corrected.

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