New sound system with Uniti Atom

I’ve almost completed my setup after purchasing the Naim Uniti Atom in place of one of the second generation Mu-so.
The speakers are Bowser&Wilkins 707 S3, the turntable a Rega P1 Plus, the CD player a Teac PD-301 (it’s the only decent smaller one).
Now I have to change the glass top with a 10 cm wider wooden one and put a Pro-ject support platform under the turntable, because on the same plane as the speakers it gives some problems, even if with those foam rubber acoustic stabilizers the problem it’s much improved.

Advice or opinion?

Whether it’s taking the speakers off the table because I can’t do it. :sweat_smile:

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You need speaker stands otherwise you’ll have terrible feedback into the Rega. The speakers will sound much better too.


Can you wall mount the loudspeakers so that they are disconnected from the table?

These B&W’s are little giants. You should hear them in a large room driven by a SuperNait.

Personally I would replace the loudspeakers by Neat Iotas.

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