New speakers for Unity Atom

I’m looking for a speaker upgraded that’s going to make a significant difference. I’m currently running my atom with 20+ year old Royd minstrels. I love these speakers and for the price I paid they sound fantastic. However, I only want to change them if there’s a really noticeable difference. Any suggestions on a new pair and/or price range I’d be looking at to notice the upgrade. Thanks in advance

Look in the search part. As you see, a lot of threads on it.


Thank you

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Minstrels are wonderful speakers and can take far more than an Atom and still thrive.

I’d leave alone and spend the money on something else.

If you have a itch to scratch then I would be tempted to arrange 2 demos.

  1. A Nova with your Minstrels
  2. The Atom with ‘better speakers’

My money is on 1 being best.

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Thank you. This what’s at the back of my mind. I’d have to spend a lot of money to get a better speaker than the current minstrels. I appreciate your view.

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