New Speakers for Vintage Nap160

Looking for small
Bookshelf speakers to fit with my vintage Naim system ( Nap 160 CB/ Nac72/ HiCap / CD5 / Thorens deck SME 3009) all suggestions gratefully received
thanks in advance

Kans ?


I agree, a classic choice would be Linn Kans.
I love mine and there is some one who refurbishes them should the need arise.

Nice system, btw.

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Where can they get refurbished ?

Another vote for Kans. As long as they have been nicely looked after then original Kans can still sound fantastic. You might have to try a few pairs to get some good ones though.

Simon Hamnett of New Briks will be doing mine early next year.

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If you’re actually thinking of putting the speakers on a bookshelf then perhaps don’t go for Kans, which really need their own dedicated stands, preferably the MK.II versions.

If you can find a pair of n-Sats and n-Brackets then that might be a good option.

How are you thinking of positioning these speakers, as that will determine more than anything else what might or might not be suitable.

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What about the new Spendor Classics 4/5?

Have the LS3/5 heritage but are apparently far more adaptable to a wide range of amplifiers . Hifi Choice was saying yesterday they could be paired with the small Rega amps - personally I wish they had been available last year

LINN SARA can be one of them

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Hi Richard

The speakers will be on very solid bookshelves as the room does not allow for stands.

oh sorry, so, also, no SARA.

How about those Jern 12 things, or the 11s if the budget won’t stretch, they’re designed to go near a wall. You will however need a very solid bookshelf for their 12+kg weight. I think Audio T carries them so a home demo should be possible.

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Proac Tab 10’s would be great and are fine close to walls. I had a pair on shelves and they sounded great

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Friend uses Kans on cabinet and they still sound good. I’ve temporarily had them on top of record storage units and they sounded really good.

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So that’s small bookshelf speakers ?

Our Kans lived on top dwarf wall window stills for several years, about a metre high. It wasn’t ideal but they still sounded good.

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That’s the problem. Richard is right, Kans work best on their dedicated stands but a shelf mount is needed here. Not many speakers work well close to a wall so you’re a bit limited again with suitable models. Whatever you end up with will be a compromise but all things considered, it’ll be a nice setup despite this.

I’ve try 3 différents combinaisons with my S2 ( 32.5/160)
Kan’s on their Mk2 stands : excellent (but bass are “limietd”)
Sara’s on the dedicated stands : i’ve keep this solution
Harbeth P3esr : a good choice between the 2 others solutions

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Thanks everyone for your advice on this, appreciated.

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