New Speakers needed for NAC 202/NAP 200

Hi, I have a NAC 202 and NAP 200, my B&W cm6 s2 left has gone bang, so I need to replace them. I’m looking at about £1200 max £1600.
I use them with a digital and vinyl source into my 202.
Not too fussed about used speakers.

If you’re sources are up to it and you have nice solid walls and floors, how about looking for a nice pair of late Hornslet cabineted Naim SBLs? There; you have an almost legendary pair of speakers that will work really well with your amps (and will work even better if you upgrade in future) and I may have even saved you some money too to put towards sources or music…


along with @Richard.Dane suggestion I would also search out Fine Audio Speakers, I heard the F501 on the end of a NOVA and the sounded superb - good value at thier price point which is within your £££

Or… Kudos X2’s or X3’s…?


the eternal (vintage) romantic…


I currently use ATC SCM 11 v2 with a ‘200’ system; if you can live without the really low bass (or add a Rel sub later, as I did) they are around your budget new. I think they are excellent (my ears/room :relieved:)

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Hi, Thanks for responses.
I need some bass(but not too much) as I listen to Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Punk and Indie. I live in an apartment as well, no one below or above but someone to my left so I’d rather not use a sub. Stand mounts are my preference.

I had a pair of PMC DB1s on the end of my 200 for a number of years and they gave great service. Should not be too expensive to pick up used.

A friend who owns the B&W CM6 S2 used to tell me how fine the speakers sounded in his system. He still has the B&W and uses LFD Zero LE3 to drive the speakers.

If you wish to try something else, perhaps Dali Rubicon 2 but it doesn’t look as good as the CM6 S2. A used pair of Epicon 2 is also worth considering. The Epicon 2 used to be in my shortlist last year when I was looking at a pair of high quality standmount but I went with something else instead.

If you’ve enjoyed the sound of B&Ws being driven by Naim (not everyone around here is a fan, but I am), and if you’ve got room for floorstanders, how about a pair of CM8s, CM9s or even CM10s? There are some on fleaBay now in your price range (other auction websites are etc).

B&Ws tend to need a stern hand, but my 202/200 keep a firm grip on my 804Ss, so yours should keep even a pair of CM10s under control.


805’s then :slight_smile:

I would look at Rega RX3 or RX5 speakers for your budget. For some reason, they don’t get rave reviews possibly because they are very neutral and accurate. I think they are a great value of money new and very tolerant of room positioning and if you don’t mind pre-owned you can get them really cheaply at the moment and put the money you save towards a power supply for the 202

No such thing

Sorry, I meant the 202

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I’ve been using these for many years with 152 / 155. I’ve not listened to anything else but I’m very happy with them. I listen predominantly to small ensembles - jazz, chamber music, radio 3, at moderate volume.

I’ve been looking at some of the ones mentioned in the thread. I can’t go with floor standers all though I’d love to, I’m looking at used B&W 805 nautilus and PMC Twenty5 21 at the minute as they’re available on the famous auction site. I want these new ones to be an upgrade from the CM6 not just a replacement. I’ll keep looking for the speakers mentioned as well I’m not rushing this purchase.
Also paulbysea you mentioned a PSU for the 202. Do they make that much difference? Hicap or Flatcap? I’ve got the NAPSC.

What about:
Harbeth Compact 7
Proac D2r
Pmc 5.22i


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Well out my price range I’m afraid. Looking at max £1800

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Try the Neat Ministra’s Thelad - great with Naim gear - in your price range - will go well with 202/200. Being isobaric design you get good bass but not too much . Need good stands such as custom design FS104 signature model , Ministra’s being fairly deep, these stands fit the perfectly

Happy hunting


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Second hand or new?