New speakers or sub for Nait 5si?

Hi guys, as you know, I recently bought a Nait 5si and I’m very happy with it, I fly the B&W 705 Signatures very well.
The room is very large, about 35 m2 but my spot corner is only part of the room. The mid-high range is really how I like it, but logically the low part is missing. Now my doubt is this, do I change the speaker or add a Rel sub?
At the moment I’m trying some Monitor Audio PL200s, they sound full but the high range isn’t as refined as with the 705s and I think they need more Watts.
My dream is the B&W 805 D3, what do you think of the pairing? Maybe I’ll listen to them tomorrow.
In a few years I will definitely upgrade to an SN3. But what do I do for now, change speakers or add a sub?
Thank you all

Nait 5si is a nice entry integrated but before you purchase anything i suggest you listen to a more powerful/refined integrated. If you want to stay with Nain try an XS3 or SN3. You may find out that spending more on your amp with your current speakers will give you what you’re looking for.


Hello and thanks for your help, I’ve had the Nait 5si for a week so it will stay for a while. I have to decide whether to stay like this and add a sub or move forward with more demanding speakers that would leave me waiting to get a more powerful amplifier.

Hi giannifocus
I run the same amp with Neat motive sx2 and love them, might be something to have a demo of.

We are all different but i do like the Naim/Neat paring.

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I ran across an older post of yours regarding the Z2s which look like you have replaced with the Kudos. Can you kindly point me to your dealer? TIA!

You have a £250 Denon CD player, your Nait, and some £2,500 B&W speakers. Your current speakers are probably too good for your Nait, and yet you are considering even more demanding speakers. The weak point of your system is your CD player, so that is where you should be spending money. If you improve your speakers without addressing your source first, don’t be surprised if things sound worse.

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There is no current distributor/dealer for Kudos in the US right now. I was told by Kudos that they are actively looking for one but that it will take some time. I suggest you contact Kudos directly in the UK and I think they can assist you.

ok yes I couldn’t find any info. I assumed you we’re in the US? I thought you had a source for both the Borresen and Kudos. So I apologize for misunderstanding.

Hello and thanks for the reply. So my CD player is a €1500 Denon 1600ne, not the €300 CD600.
I abandoned the idea of ​​getting the 805 D3 because this would then have led me to think at least about the SN3.
I’m very happy with my combo and I think I’ll stay that way in the meantime I got an Evesolo A6 Master Edition.
I have the opportunity at a dealer friend to try my Denon 1600 with the Naim cd5si connected to a Nait 5si. Who knows which will be superior?

In the U.K. the Denon 1600ne costs £900, and I’d expect the Naim to be significantly better, and of course has the Naim sound that will be a great match with your Nait. It’s a shame you didn’t get the Nait XS3, which would be a better match with your speakers. But we are where we are, as the saying goes.

I’d like to upgrade to SN3 one day. However, the 5si really works great with the 705s and for the volumes I listen to. I’m curious to listen to the CD5 because I’ve never listened to a Naim player even though everyone says that the CD5SI is the poor man’s player not to be taken into consideration

Everyone? They’d be mad to say that, since they were designed to go together in an obvious set.

I’m told it’s best not to compare the performance of either the Denon or the CD5si with both connected to the Nait 5si at the same time. It stuffs the performance of both players.

So try one first, then unplug, then connect the other and try that. And back again. Etc.

You are right to be curious. Enjoy your music.


here in Italy we are always very categorical in our statements. I repeat, I have never listened to the CD5SI. Thanks for the advice, when I try them I will connect them separately and not together

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