New speakers

I got some great advice here on getting my
180 power and Hi-Cap serviced which I have now done.

The rest of the system is 82 pre-amp, CD1 and LP12 Hercules/Itok and Credo’s.

The speakers are now for an upgrade and I was wondering at what price point speakers will outstrip the above system.

Currently looking at Sonus Faber sonetto 2 or 3 which has a warm bass sound. My budget is around €3-5,000.

Any feedback appreciated

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Size of room and speaker position options would be useful to know.

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Room is approx 12 ft by 18ft but tapers at the end so speakers are 1/4 of the way into the room. A move may be in the offing and will need some flexibility as the next room may be smaller but more square

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I have listened to the Sonus faber Lumina III which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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I started my Naim love affair by adding a pair of PMC TWENTY5 23 speakers. Initial impressions of the speakers was really good with strong base and a very pleasing sound.

Many Naim upgrades later and I am happy to say the PMC’s just keep getting better. The ability to fill quite a large room with exciting, punchy music never disappoints. When you get that tingle down your spine you know you are on the right track.

It was my intention to upgrade the speakers before I purchased my 300dr but the general feedback from members here was don’t, they have more to give! And wow they keep giving.

So the PMC TWENTY5 23 speaker I can highly recommend, go for the walnut finish and they look fabulous too.

Happy listening,


Sonetto III are far from warm on the end of the right electronics and cabling.

They are capable of a very strong sweet midrange and outstanding treble clarity. Downward firing so easy to place in room. Don’t produce as much bass as some competitor models.

They are however 4ohm speakers and only really came alive on end of 250DR. Our SuperUniti, for example, struggles to maintain control during complex pieces or at high volume.

Not sure they would work in an even smaller room they need some space to breathe. The Sonetto II might be a better option in a small room?

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Hi Iain, Sonetto 2 would definitely be a more practical option, but I was concerned about bass output as I have never had a stand-mount before.

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Home audition possible?

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I will try

I use Allaes on my 82/180 set up and am extremely happy with them. Currently available for just a few hundred quid (I think I paid 360 for mine), they are incredible value for money.


Hi Iain, the most important factor, the missus, has indicated the preference of a slim floor stand over the stand mount. I’ll try to test a Sonetto 3 at home given our limited space.

If you like the SF sound, and need floorstanders, perhaps the Lumina III would suffice? They are described as “compact” floorstanders!

However, word of warning as we listened to the Lumina and instantly discounted as not much better than what we had. The Sonettos are in a different league, SQ wise, and have continued to shine as we’ve improved our electronics. We don’t think they’ll be out our their depth on the end of our new 252.

I really hope the Sonetto 3 work for your space :pray:

Having tested both the Lumina V and the Sonetto 3, I preferred the Sonetto and managed to find an ex-demo pair which will be delivered soon.
Thanks everyone for your feedback.

Congratulations! We found the Sonetto to be a class above the Lumina.

Enjoy the new speakers.

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