New stations to be added to Naim HD

PureClassix - Netherlands. Similar to JBradio.
EasyRadio - Bulgaria. Easy rock
SuperStereo 5 & 6 - Chile

Kudos to JBradio2 for now showing full metadata.

Does anyone know how to add a station logo when you add a station manually.

Hi @G-man,

Indeed kudos to JBRadio2 for showing full metadata but in their typical style they have changed something and it stopped showing the metadata today at least for me on my NDX 2. However it now shows FLAC 96kHz as opposed to 44kHz.

Regarding the logo you use the URL below without the “”:

Thank you NG
I have the JB logo. I need the Pureclassix logo.
Agree about the JB stream, but here in Canada it’s been steady lately with full metadata. I would say that JB and Pueclassix have the best SQ out there, better than Radio Paradise.

Paste the link below without the “” in your vtuner Logo URL field: ""


Are these available now, via the HD selections in the app? None are visible on mine and Chile SuperStereo stops at 4. Or do they need to be added manually via vTuner?


If not in the HD selections they need to be added manually. Hopefully, Naim can add them asap.

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