New Strollin' Bones Album?

An ad ran in the Hackney Gazette for a company called Hackney Diamonds is teasing Rolling Stones song titles.
It shows the Hackney Diamonds (Glass Repairs) was est. in 1962, yje same year the Stones formed.
Is this another clue the new album is on its way?

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This story also made the BBC 6 O Clock News - Sophie Raworth seemed rather excited!

It’s all over tge internet, including Wikipedia. That of course doesn’t make it true! Nor does it make it necessarily good if it is true!

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I have “insider info” and, yes, there’s a new album out very soon.

Blimey…you read the Gazette?
In Oxfordshire?

I could tell you I’m a Hackney local, which I am ancestrally, my grand father & 4 generations back are Hoxton Old Town, but no, I found it on www.

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Hoxton has changed a bit.
Historically, as with Shoreditch, the hangout of theatrical and actor types. Now home to hipsters, drunkards and ‘creatives’.

So…maybe not changed that much!

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It wouldn’t take much :wink:

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Quite true! I think it was the BBC’s end of news skateboarding dog story.

The original ad is a very clever first marketing step from the Rolling Stones team. Really effective at getting the promotional gears grinding. Fingers crossed it’s a great album.

Am I the only person who has checked the web address?
Do that and you get an invitation to register an interest.
That screen contains a dead giveaway

Is Universal Music Operations the Stones record label?

I called the number - interesting - ‘ackney gawd blimey mate.


Its listed on Wikipedia
Studio album by The Rolling Stones
Released 2023
Recorded 2020–2023
The Wiki text has info such as both Paul McCartney & Bill Wyman on bass, the last recordings with Charlie Watts and also expected somethig with Elton John.

For those who are interested there is 14 pages of further speculation in IORR forum (sticky at the top)

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