New study/home office chair

+1 for the Hermen Miller. I have one at home and yes they are a bit expensive but I have friends who have bad backs and there is no way I want to go there so for me the money is well worth it. I bought a polished one new but the graphite ones on places like the bay can be had under 400 quid if you dont mind used. Plenty of people do office clearances and you can even go and choose one from most of the sellers so can pick one that is not beaten up rubbish. And you can buy spares for them which is a nice bonus

I use a Herman Miller Mirra chair and I’ve owned an Aeron in the past but found that a bit heavy for my liking. The nice thing about them being that all the parts are modular and serviceable so over time finding the need to replace parts found it relatively easy to do so and you can do that yourself easily enough.
There tends to be a regular used stock out there as well so finding one at a sensible price shouldn’t be too challenging.

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I went with a Steelcase Leap. It was not cheap (slightly over $900 U.S.), but everything I read indicated that inexpensive chairs will not give adequate support and won’t last as long. I have used this chair pretty much daily and can attest to its comfort. One of its benefits is that it is extremely adjustable, as well as configurable in terms of options (fabric, arms, etc). It can also be ordered with special wheels that won’t damage wood floors.

Yep, had seen a few on t’bay but I’d prefer new and to not worry about previous usage and what other users had deposited on the chair, including hidden bugs, especially right now!

Does anyone remember the episodes of Top Gear a few years back when they tested some car seats for ‘deposits’? Yeuuchh.

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I’ve aged to spend more on everyday items that affect my lifestyle, rather than luxury items like a hifi power supply. As I say, 8 hrs a day in a chair and I’d spend anything now. I have no idea how I’ve put up with so much junk over the years. Never go back now.

Yes, I think I’m going for the HM Setu. I prefer a lighter chair, it’s less imposing than the larger ones and it is comfortable.

Nice chair. Might be worth thinking about the total adjustability of the more expensive HM’s. I did realise just how useful the armrest adjustments, back lumbar, etc are until I fiddled with mine over the first few days.

Everyone comments how small & slim my chair is, so I’m not sure how less imposing you want one.

The Herman Miller Aeron is what I use. Never regretted the spend.


I now work much of the time standing at my desk but still have my Herman Miller Aeron chair which I bought used (but in perfect condition) for a reasonably modest price 10 years ago and which I still use 3 or 4 hours a day. Replaced one part in that time (my fault) and it all still works perfectly. So another vote for the Aeron - comfortable, long lasting, repairable and very adjustable.


With all those recommendations I will get one - I did try one at John Lewis yesterday but they just had the one. There are a few Places with them at lower prices and also refurbished ones and used ones if one wants to save a few quid. John Lewis are out of stock on some of them online

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Make sure to get the right size, I am 6’ 4” so have the large model.

Thank you - yes, I had already spotted there are three sizes and was going to get the large one. Good to have a reminder though!

Just tried a couple of these in local JL, found the Liberty to be very nice and it even got the WAF (!), which was a surprise. Might go for this as it goes.

I saw the humanscale for the first time at JL when looking at the Herman Miller. I thought the humanscale looked much less attractive which put me off

Just arrived via ebay at close on £600 off list! :grinning:
In perfect order too.


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