New study/home office chair

Folks, I’m looking for recommendations for new study chair to sit at desk. My current one is OK for occasional use but I have been working from home for 5 months now and as this looks set to continue at least into the new year, I’m looking for something more suitable for using several hours a day, most days of the week.

I need something with back support, on wheels, and I prefer mesh backed for coolness. Clearly it also needs to be comfortable for use over a working day and week. Oh and look reasonably smart and svelte, I like a nicely designed thing. Problem is, getting to try a range of these things in one place seems impossible anywhere near here, so wondering if there are any recommendations from you all?

It’s coming from my own money, no employer contributions, so prefer to keep an eye on budget and if I can get something suitable for less than £200, that would be ideal. However better ones seem to be at least double that (and beyond) and I really don’t want to go more than £400(!)

This looks like the sort of thing that would suit, the Sedus ‘Joy’ (nice) at £380 but would have to buy without trying first.

Suggestions very much welcome.

I’m also interested in answers to this for exactly the sane reasons.

I use a Varier Balans.

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Interesting. Warned off by 3 OTs I worked close to. I have a lumbar spinal issue between L3 and L5 with a small benign tumour in there somewhere which means no physio will now touch my spine so I have to self manage and get it right.

I have a dodgy back and neck and hip.

The Varier makes me sit upright.

And keep moving.

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From the workstation DSE point of view the chair shown may not be suitable.
A starting point would be the HSE website, where you can find a DSE checklist and leaflet HSG57 which shows dimensions and adjustments.
Posturite have a large range, the Homeworker Mesh Back might suit. You might have to forego the smart and svelte to prioritise your health and comfort.
You might want to look at Access To Work as well?

Jamie, like you, I looked at getting a chair and thought £600 would be a lot. I needed comfort, as I suffered leg pain for a long time. After researching and then sitting in various models at various prices, nothing and I mean nothing, came anywhere close to a Herman Miller Aeron. The polished version cost me about £1,200, but it was the best decision. Expensive, but I would do it again. I can sit for 8hrs easily without any discomfort, first class finish, elegant, totally adjustable, etc…

As per usual forum advice, you’ll mostly get cheap recommendations without the thought, but take my word, from your requirement, it sounds like it would be money well spent. Like a good bed, you’ll spend a lot of your life in one.


Understood Count, though I’m trying to get best of all worlds and keep it a bit minimalist at same time.

I had a hunch I would end up spending more and have tried the Herman Miller Setu at JL which did suit, though at £600, a little above ideal budget…

I have the predecessor to the Ikea Markus, find it really comfortable with good back support. Doesn’t look like it has changed much.

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Thanks Count! I am going to have a look as I need to get a new office chair. I have a 12 year old ikea one just like that pictured above and it’s looking a bit ropey after some attention from the cats :grimacing:

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My partner chose a Humanscale chair after searching a long time. Expensive, but if you use it a lot, then worth every penny. She is no longer uncomfortable even after hours at her desk.

You can buy direct or from JL.

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I had one of these and had to send it back as back support was not what it was offering.

This is an interesting and helpful discussion but one of the things to bear in mind here is that if you want a chair to support your spine then OT input is your starting point rather than setting a price limit and taking a guess at what looks pretty.

I’ve used Balan’s a S Stokke chairs for about 30 years. They helped making being desk bound bearable.

Other options are available, such as

I recently bought this from the ‘river’ - It was £170 at the time, and whilst it said that it would take 21 days to arrive, it actually came in 4. Reviews are good, and I have found it to be very comfortable for the price, and good for all day working. It’s the Sihoo ergonomic office chair. Have a look at the reviews and see what you think.

I can also vouch for this chair. I have had it for 6 years and it is very comfortable. Inexpensive also.

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I’d get myself down to somewhere like Office World/Staples or equivalent and see what style of chair your posture likes (as we all sit differently IME) e.g. I preferred high-backed chairs, where I get shoulder support, with a soft cushion.

My local office supplier has plenty of models and prices - I’m not suggesting they may have what you want/like but it’s much better than buying blind.

Some of the expensive looking office chairs with the many knobs are some of the worst I’ve sat in, as many seem to have a big gap to the lumbar support and I always found myself leaning too far forward - an obvious issue when using any keyboard.

I’d also optimise your desk height at home (if not already), as many office desks/home desks are too low IME. As others have said, the HSE site & DSE guidance is very good.

I bought a chair from discount retailer Straker and it looks much like many of the others that people have put on this thread. It was about £350 as far as I remember.

It is very comfortable for leaning back and listening to the music or thinking great thoughts. But it isn’t so good for typing on a laptop on a desk and it has an infuriating loud squeak (not Zoom or Teams friendly!) as it reclines. I have almost completely dismantled the mechanism and put ptfe grease everywhere I can, but it’s made no difference.

So I would say don’t just think about comfort for leaning back, but think about hunched over a keyboard too and watch out for squeaks!



I was going to suggest an Aeron… but then saw the £400 price limit. However everything I’ve read and from a couple of trials at John Lewis I can see why they have such a reputation… you can’t go wrong. JL have them starting at c. £1100. If I was working from home (well I am but I haven’t an office/space for such a setup) then I’d be straight in there. :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if you’re self employed or work for a company but it’s worth checking to see if there a health and safety department that will pay for for your chair upgrade. Bad backs can cost businesses a fortune in sick days and compensation claims.

Good office chairs can cost quite a bit and my employer has offered me a £1000 for one!

Currently I’m looking at a chair called a Hag Capisco. Odd looking think but it’s supposed to be good for posture and can be used in various positions.

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Yeah, it’s not a big company and I’ve dropped a hint but they’re not buying it…

Have just tried one of these and it’s marvellous, though I can’t really justify £1200!

Herman Miller Cosm

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