New Tidal offering on MQA

Good move I think.

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All depends on the pricing I suppose. If they offer the CD quality option at less than the current HiFi tier price then yes. If they price the CD quality tier at the same price as the current HiFi tier and increase the MQA tier price then not such a good move.


According to the article, the MQA-less seems to be cheaper than it was so far. I don’t know previous AUD prices, but $17.99 AUD is 11.55 euros and 23.99 is 15.40 euros. In Germany, Tidal Hifi with MQA is currently 19.99 euros.

What I would really want is a hi-res without MQA option, though.

There is that option…its called Qobuz.


Yes, I have Qobuz, but I lost quite many albums in the transition from Tidal. And I use Roon at home so it does not matter there, but when I am on the road the Tidal app is IMHO much, much better than the Qobuz app*. Finally, choice would be good, who knows if both survive.

* And for some inexplicably reason, Qobuz insists on showing only poor German translations of content descriptions in the app if you are in Germany (same with French in France, I read). Super jarring as the app itself is English for me as are all my devices (I cannot stand UI translations, it is horrible).

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Tidal has different pricing in different countries, so you cannot compare AUS and DE prices.

I am aware, but looking at the tier prices in Germany it seems to fit somewhat that the 23.99AUD/15.40EUR Masters tier would be equivalent to the current 19.99EUR in DE. More than the 17.99AUD/11.55EUR one anyways. This is why I wrote “seems”. Aussies can chip in with the details

But just in a couple of countries