New to forum

Hi all,

New to the forum,wanted some expert advice,just brought the set up below but want to get more out of the speakers,I don’t really listen to loud.

To do that would you put a supercap or change to Ndx2.

My current system is
250 Dr
Hicap Dr
Nd5 xs2
Atacama special edition stand.
3 x powerline cables

Thanks all.


Hi Sanj, and welcome. Plenty of people here would be very happy to spend your money for you! I urge caution and patience. You say you’ve just bought the system; why go changing it yet? Get to know it. Figure out specifically where and why you want to make changes. There are some ATC aficionados on the forum who might be better placed to answer your question about speakers. As for me, I firmly believe the ND5 XS2 to be a spectacular streamer, and, for its price, the sweet spot in the Naim range.

Did you use a Naim dealer? That should be your first port of call if/when you decide to spend more of your hard-earned. Make comparisons at a dealership, take home something you’re considering, pull the trigger only if you’re satisfied that you’re getting the improvement you seek.

Regards, and happy listening.


Hi and welcome, @Sanj

Forum’s a good place to be
So long as it doesn’t turn into Penury Palace.
Take it easy or you’ll be kissing your wallet goodbye!

Have fun here!

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Hi Bhoyo,thanks for the reply,yes was brought from a dealer.

I will call my dealer to get some demos set up.

Hi Stevie,

what wallet had to sell that as well,ha ha.

Also another question do you guys plug direct into the wall,or use a distribution block.


Before you upgrade, ensure that you’ve sufficient space to the left of your left speaker and to the right of your right speaker. If not, get a different room first.


Without doubt you should improve your source first. An NDX2 would be a good step in the right direction. Power it with an XPS if you want a source that is really up to the standard of your amp.


Varies across the Forum. There’s a whole range of blocks available, you’ll find a variety in member’s systems. There’s also plug direct (power amps for example) though I need more sockets to try this myself…

Hi Ardbeg10y,I have kept the speakers 4 foot apart.

What length apart would you recommend.


@Sanj…NDX2 eh? :wink:

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Another sleepless night,this is like a drug taken over me.

I think you need to try. Try to get 60 cm (is that one and a half foot) between the loudspeaker and the side wall otherwise the wall reflection muddles your sound and an upgrade is not really effective.

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Relax and enjoy your music. Dunno about streamers, but 282/250DR is a mighty fine place to be.
Post and read around the Forum too… ‘What Are You Listening To’ is fun, for example.
As I said, have fun!


Thanks Steve will do.

Thanks,how far away from the back wall?

The most important thing is the room / speaker interaction.

Moving the speakers a bit out from the wall, toeing them in a bit, moving them a bit further apart etc. It’s generally trial and error.

I’m not sure about ATC speakers but I think they would prefer a little bit more space behind them, they seem very close to the back wall from your picture.


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Thanks John will bring them more forward.

And let your ears be the judge. Start with a bigger movements and then smaller ones as you get to the optimal distance (mainly for bass) fine tuning toe-in can then focus the treble and the soundstage.


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It’s so easy to get over excited when you do a big upgrade. The natural thinking is, “Wow, that was great! What else could I get if I add… “ A lot of us have been there and succumbed :grin:

If you really want to spend money then a Supercap worked wonders for me on my 282. Not everyone agrees on that though.

Personally though, I’d follow previous advice and frequent the Listening Now thread and try some stuff you’ve never listened to before. It’s quite liberating and much cheaper.

Welcome to the forum! …you have a lovely system.

I currently have: XPS DR > English Electric 8Switch > NDX 2 > Hi-Line > HiCap DR > NAC 282 > NAP 250 DR> NAC A5 > ProAc D30RS, and love the sound.

I moved from a ND5XS to a NDX then NDX 2. Down the road I added an XPS DR and found it to be a nice step up in sound.

With the introduction of the new line of products from NAIM you may be able to fine a discounted NDX 2 new or used as well as a power supply. That is what I would be looking at in the upgrade path with your system. Of course if a nicely priced SuperCap came along that may be worth the time to demo to see how it sounds in your system.

Good luck with your decision(s) and have fun along the way!