New to hi fi with unity star but no sound adjustment

I wanted an idiot proof all in one as my girlfriend couldnt connect the ipad to the Cambridge minx air mono speaker or the Ruark R 5 so I thought I Would treat myself to something nice . A Naim Unity Star all in one with Focal aria 926 speakers with chord company epic x speaker cable. In the listening room prior to purchase I listened to a few speakers before choosing the Focal aria 926s . From 55 upwards on the volume I am satisfied with the sound except for no base or treble control which I miss for certain recorded tracks and I actually feel I get a fuller punchier sound from the Cambridge minx air , so I am at a loss as to what to do apart from selling what Ive just purchased .The local manager of Richer sounds said I might need a pre amp but I said that wouldnt give me control over the base or treble . Is there an app I could use to get the sound control I need. I am not an Audiophile but I know what sound I am looking for and wish I had bought separates. Any help would be appreciated

I would suggest you return to the dealer you purchased from and explain to them what you don’t like.

Its really for them to solve this for you, not anyone on here.

Naim Not For You…?

Perhaps you should have started by exchanging your girlfriend for one who wasn’t an idiot.

As above - have a word with your retailer and discuss exchanging the Unity Star for a system that better suits your listening requirements.

Alternatively, some program like Audacity may allow you to re-mix all your media to a sound you deem superior to the original studio mix.


Only option I can think off to twiddle with bass/treble is to use Roon and its DSP. The question is if that is a good idea as you are fiddling with the sound in the Roon Software then which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The Star has a pretty bright sound signature and not heavy on bass.

Before the Roon path I would indeed consider this if you can still easily return.

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Naim have never put tone controls on their gear because they feel that it degrades sound quality. If you really want that option you will need to look elsewhere. There are ways to achieve this digitally, such as with Roon, but I would strongly advise you to try to build a system that works for you without it. Then perhaps use DSP to fine tune the sound if you still need to.

I believe Richer sounds only sell entry level Naim equipment. If you want Naim separates, you will need to go elsewhere.

While you may have liked the speakers in your dealers demo room, speaker/room matching is absolutely critical, as well as finding the optimum position for them in the room. My first suggestion would be to talk to your dealer about this and try to find something that really works for you. Some dealers are very good at this, so shop around and see what suggestions you get.

Good luck!

My Star coupled with my PMC speakers has plenty of base,
Have you run in your system or is it still new. I would wait until you’ve got 100+ listening hours on it before making decisions

Exactly, how new is all the kit?
Plus of course room acoustics, placement of the speakers etc can change the sound. When it’s better run in, move the speakers around, adjust toe in etc.

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Not Something A Naim Dealer Can Help With… AFAIK…!!

I thank you all for your replies and dumping my girlfriend will not help. I did contact the dealer in Norwich and he was happy to set up something else to listen to and px my stuff. I contacted Tony Dacre at Basically Sound in the Bowels of The Norfolk Countryside and the journey started in a different way .An excellent journey into the world of Hifi. He picked up my unity star with my Focal 926s and I listened to them in the studio and was blown away by the sound and performance and went on this journey trying different speakers. The Arias are an excellent pr of speakers but not in my room. To show my naivety I didn’t know what AirPlay was and what Quboz was. This has improved everything immensely. He then set up some more speakers and the results were immense with a pair of PMC twenty 5-23is. Tony then loaned me these speakers for the weekend . These are amazing set up in my room . He then brought me some PMC prodigy speakers and some Neat speakers which were not bad but I have kept with the PMC23is as for me these are in a different league. The Unity star truly shines with these speakers . The depth of base and the crispness of tone if that’s the word . Well I knew what I wanted and have now found it but at an additional expense . As the saying goes ,you get what you pay for .


A Good Result then… :thinking:

And not a New Girlfriend… :crazy_face:

I have the same setup and find those speakers superb, plenty of bass,
Though I’ve got a sub woofer added as well which gives me chest thumping bass if required.