New-to-me NAC 62, is the blanking plug required?

I’m using the 62 with a 160, and while my 42 worked fine, the 62 is only producing a little hum and no output. I see they’re available from TomTom et al, and I’ll probably break down and get an “official” one soon, but in order to listen ASAP, I’d like to make up one using an old DIN plug. I’ve looked but cannot find any wiring diagram, is there one, and can anyone share it, please?

I found a manual online, and it looks like the Naim policy is to leave it in, but the question of what connections if any need to be made still stands.

Thanks so much!

Atlanta USA

Hi Todd,

You have two options of powering the 62. A power amp like your 160 which provides a single 24v rail preamp supply or a Naim power supply, such as a Hicap, which can provide 2x 24v rails.

As you say, when using your 160 into the DIN4 (Output) socket, you need a link plug in the DIN5 (Output to Hicap socket 4) to join the two 24v rails.

Any Naim dealer should be able to get you the proper link plug. Forum rules prohibit DIY discussion options.

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I was trying to stay within the lines :wink: Thanks for your reply - no Naim dealers around here any longer, the two I knew of say they no longer carry the line.

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Oh! Another question, I’ve always liked the sound as-is with a 42/110 or 42/160, but can I use a SNAPS and HICAP interchangeably? I’m trying to avoid the rabbit hols but they are everywhere these days …

The Snaps could provide 2x24v rails but on a pair of DIN4 sockets (one 24v rail on each). It could be ‘dual railed’ by Naim by the addition of a DIN5 socket (2x24v rails) to make it work like a Hicap (albeit not as good as a Hicap).

In your setup, you could use a standard Snaps via a SNAIC4 with the 42, with the 62 (link plug in) or a Hicap with the 62 via a SNAIC5.

IIRC, early Hicaps offered both single rail DIN4 and dual rail DIN5 outputs for compatibility with the single rail preamps, such as the 42. Quite a lot of variants on the earlier products…

A SNAPS ‘as built’, will be plug & play, via a DIN 4 pin SNAIC. But - you will still need the Blanking Plug in the HiCap DIN 5 input socket of your 62… :expressionless:
(a 42-5 would be the same, here - but a ‘plain’ 42 doesn’t need/have this)

The label on the back of your 62 shows how the various sockets are wired, pin wise.

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I use blanking plugs in a couple of setups (32.5 & 42.5). One is Naim and the other was just bought online, from ebay I think. Didn’t cost much and seems less hassle than DIY, although I’m not one for a soldering iron.

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