New to naim and have?

Hi all,
Just been reading the manual for the nait xs3. The manual covers the 5si,xs3 and supernait3, and in introduction it say that the minimum speaker cable length needed is 3.5m.
Is this correct? as I also read on this website that is not the case with naim intergrated amps.
I entend to use 2x2m of chord epic with QED airloc bananas on both ends.

Not sure on the technical but I ran a nait Xs just fine for years with cable lengths of less than 3.5m.

It’s best practice in order to achieve optimum sound quality.

Naim say that 3.5m is the minimum recommendation, but that 5 to 10m is optimum, so it’s best to stick to their recommendations if you can. That applies to NACA5, the optimum length for other cables may well be more.
Having said that, it’s generally more important to stick to this with the separate amps than it is with Naits.
I would suggest that you ask your dealer if you can borrow a 5m demo set of NACA5. Run the amp with your short cables for a couple of weeks, then try the Naim cables, and see what happens.


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