New to Naim

New to Naim but not to hifi in general. Just purchased two bits of Naim kit, the Nait5 and CD5. In the near future I would like to up grade the power supply which one will I need the Flatcap or the Flatcap2?
Thanks in advance for the advice.

Welcome in the Naim world, Mickyh. Make sure the Nait 5 is in good condition - lovely and underrated amp as long as it is paired with efficient loudspeakers.

The speakers I’m using at the moment are a pair of B&W DM4 which are about 30 watts.

I used it in the time with BW CM5’s which are quite easy too. When I connected BW CM1’s the magic was gone. Too difficult.

Actually, it is my current AV Setup. TV --> Naim AV2 --> Nait 5 --> CM5 S2’s!

Micky, Flatcap 2. This is the one that can power both the CD5 and the Nait 5. IIRC output A of the FC2 goes to the CD player, Output B goes to the amp.

The FC2 comes with a Snaic5. You can use this to connect to the CD5. You will need to buy another Snaic 5 and a Snaic4 to power the amp too.

After all this time the FC2 is probably going to want a service unless seller has had it done recently.

Enjoy your music on your set. Welcome.


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