New to Tidal…

… taking the 90-day offer up.

First impressions: Ease of setup, excellent SQ.

Airplay 2 is feeding both a Muso & the 5italic from an iPad Pro…. After juggling the respective gain on each, multi-room is sorted well.

I had been thinking of a UnitiAtom headphone amp to run streaming etc, but this seems to do the trick.

Airport Express-optical out to a CAL tube DAC, then RCA-DIN to the 5italic

I’d recommend you trial Qobuz too - sound quality with HiRes is significantly better than Tidal (CD) with my NDX2.


Thanks for that, will do.

Update… the good times continue.

This all worked well, have since updated the Muso for the first time ( it’s a new-to-me demo unit I’ve been using largely as a speaker connected to the iMac ).

Quite late to the party as far as streaming & one-box sound.

If this was all the sound system I had the room for I’d be pleased.

In the meantime I’ll be trying this out as a centre-speaker for the 2-channel main system ( 5 italic & MA SE20 minitowers

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