New Unit Atom

I’m very happy, great sound, now I have to choose between two speaker:

Q Acoustic Concept 30 and Neat Motive SX3

They sound different but it’s hard…


Choose the ones that play better the music you normally listen.

Congrats on your new system, Use some isolation under the speakers it will help.


Yes of course, I will try B&W next week

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Yes, as soon as I have chosen the speakers I try to arrange them as best as possible.

Does your TT have a built-in phone stage? I can’t see anything else.

I’m sorry but I didn’t understand the question

He’s asking if it has a phono stage built in, so that it outputs at line level and can be plugged directly into the Atom. Or to put it another way, is it a Planar 1 or a Planar 1 Plus? As you don’t have any extra boxes I’m guessing it’s the Plus.

planar 1 Plus with integrated phono

I thought it must be. Are you able to get the speakers on some stands? Having them on a glass table with the Rega is not a good idea at all. Maybe have the speakers on stands with the equipment on a little rack between them. It will sound much better. With the speakers at the back of a table the sound is going to reflect upwards off the glass.


Do you think this can help with Rega?

project-audio ground-it-e

I’m really not sure, and will confess an innate antipathy to these after market supports, which promise much and usually deliver little. Basically you don’t want the speakers and turntable on the same surface. Can you not lose the glass table, put the speakers on stands and get a support for the Atom and Rega? You have a nice system and it deserves to be installed so it can give its best.

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No unauthorised commercial links here please. Thanks.

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Ok sorry :confused:

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