NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp!

Thanks for the reassurance!
I must admit that having listened at low and medium volumes I was taken aback.
I also recall one headphone reviewer saying that only people under 25 would react adversely to a peak in a certain region of the treble response …….
Each to his own as you say.

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Just mention there’s an in person discount and these should be the last headphones you’ll ever need. You can also pick a rare wood version and say it’s one of kind and should keep its value.

When I find a headphone I like, I hold on to it. Had the rare AT L3000 leather headphones for about 12 years. Really only sold since was worried they’d eventually fail and not be worth much of anything. I was able to sell for more than I bought them for.

At the moment, the only other headphones that catch my eye are the upcoming Caldera Closed. Only because I could use them when it’s a little noisy at home. I’m not sold on the looks yet and the other closed ZMF models didn’t sound as good as their open counterparts, so most likely I’ll be sticking with what I have and more than content.

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