NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp!

Delighted to announce the Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition - a headphone-optimised version of our multiple-award-winning Uniti Atom music streaming system, designed to be the ultimate solo listening source.

It’s also engineered to be a compact streaming pre-amplifier - the first streaming pre-amp to use the latest Naim streaming platform.

Unlike traditional headphone amplifiers and DACs, which require a separate computer or streaming device, Uniti Atom Headphone Edition is a fully formed music-streaming system: just add headphones.

Uniti Atom Headphone Edition is fully re-engineered to offer the optimal listening performance. Using trickle-down technology from its flagship Statement amplifier, Naim has engineered a new discrete headphone amplifier, capable of powering even the most premium headphones – such as Focal Utopia – with ease. In addition, Uniti Atom Headphone Edition features a completely new transformer design, dedicated to providing - in true Naim tradition - the very best power supply to the amplification circuitry.

The new discrete transistor circuit design enables Uniti Atom Headphone Edition to gain balanced headphone outputs, on both 4 pin XLR and Pentaconn, maximising the performance of high-end headphones with those connections. There is also a standard 6.3mm output.

Whether you’re listening via headphones or using the new Uniti as a streaming pre-amp into active speakers or a power amp, Naim’s unique music-streaming platform serves up incredible sound quality. Escape into your own digital music collection, services such as Qobuz, TIDAL and Spotify, and a world of Internet radio – including a curated collection of HD stations - and podcasts. AirPlay 2 support, Chromecast built-in and Roon Ready status add even more streaming options, while analogue and digital inputs mean you can connect many other sources, too – including turntables – and a USB input supports playback from sticks/drives. Enjoy a huge range of music file formats, in resolutions up to 32bit/384kHz.

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Interesting, although it doesn’t look like it has a digital output, perhaps the next one will?

Hard to tell by looking at the back, I can’t seem to zoom in on what the right side outputs/inputs are. Only 2 days after getting my ND5XS2, oh well I still don’t think it would work for me, since I already have a DAC and headphone amp with Chord gear.

It’s a streaming headphone amp/pre-amp, and so already has a DAC inside - I guess very few people would be wanting to use such a thing into another DAC.

It has s/pdif digital inputs - 2 x optical TOSLINK and 1 x Coaxial (up to 24/192 & 64Fs DoP). And also an analogue input, along with a couple of USBs.

Outputs are Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA Phono pre-amp outs. And 4.4mm Pentaconn (balanced) 4 pin XLR (balanced) 6.35mm (¼ inch) jack (unbalanced) for the headphones.


Quite so Richard, but there are lots of DAC tinkerers here!

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Interesting choice of features to combine. I can see the all-in-one appeal for people only using headphones, but of course not that useful for anyone who already owns an Atom or other (Naim) system. Or is it meant as a 272 successor as well?

It can be used as a streaming pre-amp just like the NAC-N272, but with the latest streaming engine and services.


The all-in-one/compact appeal is very much the focus of this particular product release. People whom want a super-simple system without lots of boxes/lots of space required.


Sure it can, but is it meant to fill that gap in the range? I.e. is it performing (as a pre-amp) at the level owners of separates would expect. It doesn’t seem to have an option for separate power supply.

Edit: I see Clare already answered this, at least partially.

Maybe there will be another to follow, more 272 like?

Give us a chance, we only launched this one today :wink:


Interesting to see the balanced outputs. A nod to some interesting future products… ?


Very nice indeed! This connected to set of active speakers could be very special, and make a lovely little compact, yet potent system.


If you 're in the market for a streaming pre-amp, you should hear it. But as previously noted, this is meant to be a simple, compact solution.


I was curious about this too so asked some of the crew at Naim. Word from them is that it’s really rather good as a pre-amp (Inevitably, is it better than a 272?), doubtless also helped by the improvements with the new Naim streaming engine.

I reckon this could be a killer partner to a pair of active speakers for a really small but super high performance system - especially thanks to the balanced pre-out. Can’t wait to hear it!


Only one year delayed! Anniversary (almost) of Munich 2020.

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I’m interested. How much ???

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It’s got balanced Headphone out I’m very interested. Also much better for adding in a Poweramp as with the regular Atom the speakers are still active with using the preouts.

@clare.newsome has the pre section been updated or is it the same as what’s in the current Atom spec wise?

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Ha ha……bit of a curved ball from Naim, was not on the guessing list of what would they launch next to my memory, nice one👍

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