NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp!

Same price as regular Atom it seems. £2399

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This looks cool! Showed up in my email so I came here straight away, and glad to see the discussion in full swing. Super idea, the Atom form factor and look / build put this right in the heart of the target space for premium headphone stations. The up-spec on the headphone amp makes a great deal of sense with the power amp removed… I hope they / you sell a boatload of these @clare.newsome !

Nice also to have the teaser that this is the “first” of the new platform streaming pre-amplifiers! I think it’s often overlooked that the Uniti series are all-digital pre, whereas the 272 is an analogue pre (with a streamer and dac, obviously). I’ve had great fun with the Nova and a return to vinyl, so perhaps that is one route for another streaming pre and headphone amp in the Uniti family … but those waiting for a new platform 272+ could possibly we awaiting a combination digital and analogue path? More complex… and I wonder if that leaves a nice tier for the (all digital) Nova Headphone edition too?

Enough speculation, congratulations and best wishes on the new product release!

Regards alan


Yes, the pre-amp is updated.


… with an AES output it would have been pretty good with a pair of Genelec ‘Ones’. But probably a pretty niche market.

Updated to the Nova level, with some of the space savings, Clare?

Expensive but makes sense as it’s not exactly scaled back version rather improved in other ways and leaves it open to choice.

Now what would be the best paring of power amp to this? Feeling a trade in might be on the cards.

Some small to medium active Focal speakers would be a nice system?


Yep my thoughts exactly. Wonder what it would sound like with a pair of ATC SCM 40a’s on the end.


Would this still support av fixed volume though for analogue inputs?

It’s a totally new amp design, drawn from range of developments - including Statement trickle-down tech.


Lots of mention of the 272, but I see this as actually the V1 replacement with streaming add on. Might have to see about a demo to compare my V1 with opticalRendu.


Anything you can share on why you would keep the ‘Atom’ name?

From the sound of it, it’s a different beast altogether. But with the looks and the name being identical I can see some confusion arising.

Makes you wonder if a new Naim power amp with balanced inputs and a similar form factor will appear. There’s always the NAP-S1 mono block amps if you’ve got deep pockets :grin:


Uniti Atom is one of our bestselling products -it’s a multiple Award winner. This is just a new edition of that. Think ‘Apple iPad; Apple iPad Pro’


Interesting. Yes, I suppose it could be viewed a sort of replacement for the DAC-V1. However, it offers so much more as well; obviously the streaming engine with all that brings. But also the balanced operation and outputs, and not least, the analogue input.

Bummer to see it has only XLR and RCA outs for the preamp. Are there XLR to DIN4 cables? I suppose the RCA outputs best used for Naim amps? After establishing the cult of DIN for nearly half a century, kind of sad to see them abandoning it.


And 3 headphones can be plugged in!

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More compatability across a wider range of other Non Naim products which will give it wider appeal I guess and limited space on the chassis. It looks to be designed more with actives in mind and none to me knowledge touch din.

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All at once or just choice?

For me the most important part is the headphone amp, I can not wait to hear it….

It is a mini Bartok rather than 272