NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp!

Very good point, thank you

Maybe a Classic line box to fit in the fraim with a remote

Dream come true

Can’t see that being a thing or it selling well. The Atoms perfect form for quality headphone listening, which is what it’s primary goal is, having pre outs is secondary really and not it’s SP. The pres are a bonus for people wanting a small box count not adding in power amps. Wait for the successor to the 272 for that.

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There is a market for a headphone amps, inorder to enjoy with your existing sources

enjoy the vinly in your room late night ? Or while the family is there with closed headphones?

Atom is a perfect second room Solution tough

Or first. Not everyone has funds for the classics.

Classic Head phone amp could be priced similar to Atom with pre/streaming i guess

My dealer contacted me today that he expects to receive my Atom HE this week. Exciting! :grin:


Re: Nain HE and planners. The Naim HE drives LCD-4 ; Empyrean and Final D8000 Pro very, very well. I have auditioned all three with the Naim HE. And own the Empyrean.

It does not drive Susvara to their full capability. Then again, my Naim dealer plugged the Susvara into a Naim speaker amp to show me how they really should sound. And would have blown ears off if the volume control was accidentally turned.

The Naim HE with Utopia (and Danacable reference plus) out of the 4 pin XLR. It’s just so captivating. I don’t think I have a single pair of headphones that doesn’t sound good out of the Naim.


Hi…is there something like a dust cover available? What is the best way to connect a Beyerdynamic T5p2, should I go for an extra plug?

Dust cover available on eBay.

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I hope to receive my Atom HE shortly and I can either site it next to my Naim 250 DR and use a 3.5-4m headphone cable or site the Atom HE close to my listening position and use a 4m cable to connect it to the 250 DR power amp. Can anyone suggest which would be the better choice sound wise?

I think I could use a balanced headphone cable for the first option but not sure if I could use a balanced cable to connect the Atom HE to the power amp.

Many thanks for any suggestions


Symmetrical cable for the headphone and RCA-XLR cable for the 250, the XLR are asymmetrical. I will put the HE close to the amp.

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Thanks for your quick reply. That would also be the cheaper option I think as I already have a 2 RCA to XLR cable. However, what o you mean by symmetrical and non-symmetrical cables - is that the same as balanced and unbalanced?

Yes, it’s the same.

I’m just waiting for the day when the first complaint arrives on the forum from someone who has tried to connect an Atom HE to an unbalanced XLR input on a Naim power amp.


When i turned 7 my parents bought me a Commodore 64 for my birthday, which was still quite expensive at the time. Ofcourse i was stoked, so i immediately started to unpack and install it, plugged in the power cord and then *poof*, a small flash, a bit of white smoke, and everything was dead.

It turned out, the first generation of the C64 had a bit of a crazy design flaw. The power port and the video port were almost identical, with the only difference being that the video port had room for an extra pin in the middle:



This allowed plugging the power cord into the video port, what i apparently did, and fry the motherboard instantly…

Luckily the store allowed it to be returned as DOA. :blush:

In the second iteration of the C64 they changed the ports so that the power cable didn’t fit in the video port anymore:

(sorry for the offtopic anecdote :wink: )


Similarly, on the A&R A60, all the DIN inputs are the same, but one is a phono input, so you can plug your CD player into the phono and fry it. Speaking from experience.

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Naim move rather slowly when it comes to making such changes. It took them over 40 years to start putting the L and R speaker terminals the right way round.


Is fried cd player tasty?


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Herb Reichert’s review of the Atom Headphone Edition has now been published on the Stereophile website, and in a nutshell, he loves it…