New Updates Dab/FM

It seems Naim are offering a DAB/FM module upgrade for £149 for the Uniti range, great news, I miss this on my Nova.

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Do you know if this can be self installed, dealer installed, or Naim installed?

I fired up my new Uniti Star for the first time 10 minutes ago :grinning: and (despite internet radio being “better” than FM) I would like to get the module. Not sure I could be bothered to send it to Naim though…

Think it is dealer install, well that what was muted before unless they have changed it, can’t see Naim doing it at Salisbury.

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The press release said available as a service upgrade so I think that means return to Salisbury.

So £149 includes upgrade and carriage to and from Salisbury ?

I’ve no idea how to get into the nova, not many visible fixings that I can see

The risk of ESD damage is high so I imagine Naim would rather that customers didn’t delve around inside the kit. I’m sure Naim will clarify in due course once the kit is ready whether it’s a factory service item or if some or all dealers can apply the upgrade.


That’s Star and Nova only, correct?

Found this in the naim brochure for the new UnitI:
“Uniti Star and Uniti Nova have an optional DAB+/FM module upgrade.”

When I had my SU serviced recently, the price quoted by the Dealer included all the transportation costs, so would think the price includes transport.

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Very good value then at £149

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