New website and previous product registration

Having previously registered all my products on the old website, I logged onto the new site and found that previous credentials have vanished and new ones need to be created. Consequence is that all the previous product registration info is lost in the ether so a tedious exercise of searching out invoices awaits. Not impressed TBH


Does that mean warranty records have been lost? Or is it just a new web site problem? I’m sure most of my items were registered on cards which were posted to HQ. Surely that information can’t have been lost?

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The factory should have your old registration information - it’s not “held” on the website.

As for the new website there’s still a fair bit to do - particularly with regard to data input, so not all there yet.

If in doubt, you can mail Naim support.


So are they intending to retrospectively load all the old registration info? Or is that an unknown?

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I don’t know.

I don’t know though, you do get a nice piccie of each product you register, although some interesting fiddling to register both Naim and Focal products in one session :smirk:.

TBH the trickiest tack was to persuade my iPhone/iPad to take a low enough resolution image :joy:.

And, you do get the option to download a warranty certificate, something the old Naim website never offered, or any other confirmation that you had successfully registered your product.

So, all in all, more gains than losses IMHO :+1:.


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The old website form was just a means of collecting the information; any new data was then transmitted to the actual crm system at the factory.
Whether that crm system is still in use or it’s been ported into efacs I don’t know, but it’s completely separate from the website.

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I’m trying to register a new product but it seems that I no longer have an account - so has account information been lost with the new website and we have to reregister?