New Wifi Set-up

[date=2022-03-21 timezone=“Europe/Lisbon”]I had my ND5 XS2 conected by wifi and changed the router.
From that moment my naim app in IPhone or Ipad is unable to set-up the new Wi-Fi network.
I don’t have any wired connection and I don’t get also bluetooth from naim. So I presume there isn’t any connection from the streamer to Iphone and therefore the new set-up is impossible. How to solve this? Do I need to wire the streamer to the router ? Thanks

Does your new WiFi router support WiFi 6, try disabling WiFi 6 if it does.

Same goes for WPA3.

There is a reset button on the back of the ND5 XS2. Press that in for 10 seconds using the supplied tool or paper clip. Set it up again via the app.

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