New XS3 – Tips & Burn In

Hi all,

Long time audiophile, new to Naim. Have admired from a distance for a while, and just picked up an XS3. Source is a Node 2 with upgrade cord.

I have some audiophile cables, but am using the Naim stock power cord along with Chord C-Screen speaker cables. Interconnects are Blue Jeans LC-1.

Loving the PRAT and musicality. There does seem to be a bit of top end edge.

Any tips regarding the XS3 in general? Also, any burn in experience on sound evolution over time?

Warm regards, Joel

No specific tips, plug it in, play music, repeat for 15 years then get it serviced.

I’m enjoying mine very much. I hope you continue to enjoy yours.

Regarding top end edge, I haven’t noticed (48 year old ears tho’) through a fairly wide variety of sources recently:

Hugo mk1
Gyrodec/DV 10x5
Technics 1200G/DV 10x5
Origin Line TT/DV 10x5
Vertere DG1/Magneto

What did your XS3 replace?


Hi Joel,

You have a lovely amplifier. I had the earlier model, the XS. I bought it new. It was good from the start and just got better. It gave great results with Naim’s NACA5 speaker cables.



Welcome Joel,

I had the predecessor, the Xs2, and it was a cracking amp, they (just like my SN3) and according to most others on here, all Naim amps take a while to burn in.

Not that they sound bad on the way just that gradually they improve and you suddenly get to that point where you realise it’s all sounding great and has moved on considerably.

Think that as they break in it all becomes a little bit more effortless.

Just looked at your profile and if you search on this site you’ll find a lot of fans of the Kudos Ks-1 speaker cable, would be a step up from the C Screen you have and it has wonderful top to bottom coherence.

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Welcome and congratulations on your new NAIT XS 3!

I started my journey with a Naim ND5XS streamer into a NAIT XS 2 using Naim NAC A5 speaker cable with ProAc D2D speakers.

The Nait XS 2 I purchased was a dealers demo unit so can not address the burn in time for the box but do know that the music/sound it produces was fantastic!



Just play and enjoy for a while.
You might try Kudos KS-1 speaker cable but don’t change too much just enjoy in the meantime.
If you put the speakers closer to the back wall this might reinforce the bottom end a bit.

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Nait XS3 is a very fine integrated amp but I’m probably a bit biased.
Most go for SN3 which does drive stand mount speakers very well and note nominal impedance of your speakers is 6 ohms - as ever system synergy is so important.
Amp is not bright and speakers with soft dome tweeters would not suggest they are either (although I’ve not heard them) so cable could be cause here as others have said - plenty quality options you can choose from Naca5, witch hat phantom, Kudos ks1, etc.
That said enjoy your new purchase and the fine tuning.


This is exactly why I switched to Naim! I’m coming from a Heed Obelisk SI 3. Nice amp, but have had some issues come up and the service in Toronto has been a headache. Naim has broad representation here.


Very cool. I tried NACA5 with an Exposure 2010s2d in the past. Will definitely give them a whirl with the XS3.

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Thanks for the insight. Will enjoy music and listen for changes as it settles in. Kudos Ks-1 would be interesting to hear. I contacted the only local Kudos dealer here in Toronto and they don’t carry Kudos cables, just speakers. Would have to order from the UK via Ebay. Might try in time.

Haha. Bias noted ; )
By all accounts is a special integrated. Appreciate the cable suggestions. Have heard good things about Witch Hat, of course. Cheers

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Ditto just enjoy the music. Great amp.

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I got a hold of a set of NAC A5 cables and holy smokes. What an improvement over the Chord C-Screen I was using. Now I finally understand the Naim sound, I feel. The brightness is mostly gone now, just a bit of top edge but that’s likely just source related.



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