New Years Honours list

Amongst all the Celeb names in the New Years list I read the following in the BBC article…

‘They include Rizwan Javed, a station assistant on London’s Elizabeth Line, who is awarded an MBE for saving 29 lives. He approaches and talks to people on platforms who are showing signs of taking their lives.’

I welled up a little bit on that one. Blimey, deserves more than an MBE.


What a legend. Hopefully he gets a pay rise.

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What a delightful thing to hear. Thank you!

Michael Eavis of Worthy Farm is included - his Glastonbury Festival has counted for something.

And the delightful Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons also included.)



Richard’s name on there Graham ?

It should be with what he has to put up with :grinning:


I couldn’t find a complete list, but I believe that the Italian Government has bestowed the honorary title of Caesar on Richard.

In Germany, they will give him purple robes and call him Kaiser - I believe that the last person to have that honour was the peerless Kaiser Franz, Herr Beckenbauer himself!

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That’s not the image that comes to mind when I think of her in GoT…

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Well, there’s obviously the scene when she walks from the flames, which just happen to have burned all her clothes off!

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Good for him. Clearly well deserved.
As a Liz and Jubilee line user, i did wonder how these 31 intended to end their lives though? Jumping in front of most of these trains requires some real determination.

Hard to believe Speedo Mick hasn’t received an award for his charity work.



He was in the running apparently, but that 10 point deduction worked against him.


Perhaps they were worried about the dress-code for arrival at the Palace :scream:

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Not to mention the “other” Richard who often gets flagged by mistake !

Which got rewound many times by many people to check the quality of her acting in such an emotional scene

Indeed, I did so myself on a few occasions!


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