New York audio show

Anyone planning to attend?
Any idea if naim will be there? I see the distributor for focal plans to display focal at the show

I would go but will probably be at US Open tennis

The US distributor is Focal Naim America. Probably best to contact them and ask.

I’ve been trying to contact focal naim America but so far cannot reach a live person and have gotten no reply. Now I’m also unsure that even focal will attend as some old web-sites/advertising still po-up from other years and apparently different distributors. Either way, I’m hoping I can manage the trip and see and hear some good music.

Well, I made it to a rather small show but it was entertaining.
Audionote (uk) sounded very nice- the least electronic sound but just music. However, finding out the integrated amp was putting out a whopping 8 watts per channel means that would have to change speakers at the same time rather than one item at a time.
The mola mola integrated was being used in one room but they were basically demonstrating the cables and paradigm speakers. Still it was an impressive demonstration.
Now, if you want to play and fool your friends with a very different version of “Jolene” by Dolly Parton try playing a 45 version at 33 1/3.

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