Newbie asking about software

Has been an expensive few weeks purchased a Muso & 2 cubes, Uniti Core and a Synology 4 bay. Due to my eyesight I prefered to make track playlists on my Mac pro with the old N-Serve but you cannot use that anymore I am told, only the new software on my phone, would any of you recommend Audio station or Plex or any other prog and can you transfer track playlists to either of them.

Bob M.

Just local files synced to my Synology, but it’s over 1,100 cd’s.

If you use an iPad to run the Naim app you will at least have a much bigger screen. Not sure if that would make the text any larger or easier to read, but maybe worth a try.
I don’t know if the iOS Accessibility settings work on the Naim app, but on many third party apps they seem to work either badly or not at all. Perhaps something you could take up with Naim support.

Thank you for your advice Gents.

I run the Naim app on NOX on my pc, you can have it as large as you like there.

Yes, this works with the native Synology UPnP server: it sees the M3U files and can play them, but you have to be careful with the file path naming, etc., and I can’t recall whether you need to look for them under “files” view or elsewhere as I only tried this ages ago (EAC used to automatically generate an m3u playlist file for each album you ripped) as an intellectual exercise that never really became a playing habit.

Regards alan

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