Newbie hello

Hello everyone, first time poster and well out of my depth here!

I have today received my Naim Uniti Nova, first ever proper piece of hi-fi. Waiting for some Spendor A7s to arrive, hopefully tomorrow, and then I can break out some port and have an audition!

I wanted to say thanks for all your knowledgeable comments which I’ve been thoroughly stalking before making my system choice. In all honesty I’m not convinced my cloth ears will fully appreciate the new kit, but at 45 I thought it was time to try.

Anyway hope you are all keeping well and sonically satisfied…


Congratulations, that should be a very nice sounding system. Hopefully you’ve got some speaker cable coming too!

Hello @KaeruJim - nice to ‘meet’ you :slight_smile:

Hello & welcome to the forum (mad house :sweat_smile:).
Your ‘young’ ears will hear the ‘wonderful sound of Naim’, so much so, I think; you can look forward to an unhealthy bank balance because you’ll probably end up on the upgrade ladder :joy: Welcome

Aha yes! Tellurium Q Blue 2 is what the dealer recommended, so we’re all set. It’s a short run though so I was concerned reading some reports that we need 3.5m+ each side…

This lot is replacing a Denon RCD-N9 into KEF Q350s, so going to be very interesting in comparison. I know it won’t be 7x “better” but hopefully it will show a pretty audible upgrade even to me.

Failing that at least I can stroke the Naim in awe of it’s solid construction.

Was very tempted to go for Buchardt A500s but they’re out of stock until May, plus it gives me more flexibility to upgrade down the line if my wallet ever recovers.

I’m just re-signing up to Tidal (already have Amazon HD), and then facing the soul destroying prospect of burning a bunch of CDs on to the PC… Is it best to rip to PC and then copy to an SD card with the Nova? I will mostly be streaming but I have some rare CDs which I’d like access to.

As you can see, all the gear and no idea :smile:

Solid advice from the dealer (i think :wink: ), i have a Nova and Spendor A4’s with Tellurium Q Blue and i think it sounds wonderful together.

The Spendors will probably take about 50-100 hours to sound completely right, the driver suspension needs a little time to break in fully.

Enjoy your system!

If you’re in the UK Qobuz is £5 a month cheaper than Tidal and has a good catalogue of hi res 24 bit material available that will really make your Nova shine.
As for CD rips, most of us in here probably use a NAS to store them but if you only have a few CDs to rip than an external drive plugged directly in to the Nova will certainly be the easiest and most cost-effective way to do it.

Welcome to the forum and your new future addiction! I don’t mean as a port drinker either :wink:
You won’t be able to stop listening to music with that combo. Give it some time because although it sounded fine immediately, let it “breathe” and you will be rewarded with sumptuous sound that improves over several months.
I recommend using a usb stick over an SD card as they are a little more rugged. I got a 512gb to allow for plenty of ripping.
Finally, spend some time to get to know the Naim app and its functionality. It seems a little quirky at first but give it time and it’s actually pretty good and the crew at Naim are constantly working on improvements. Now I’ve got used to it I really like it.
Enjoy and don’t forget to holler if you have any questions.

There you have it! Post 3 is mentioning the upgrade ladder! :slight_smile:

Welcome, KearuJim.

Hello Newbie!
Welcome to the forum.

You’ve chosen a fab piece of kit that will give you many years of pleasure if you can only avoid catching upgrade-itus.

You guys need to stop me upgrading, I’ve already bought a parallel mains conditioner to go with my mains conditioning extension lead… My other vice is photography so I’m a bit of a hopeless case with Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

I’ll try USB, thank you. Is it OK just to copy the files straight across, or should I use some specialist software? I have a fair few CDs but only a handful I couldn’t find on streaming services, I think.

As my wallet was literally sobbing after buying a Nova, I went for ex-demo Spendors so hopefully the speakers won’t need running in even if the amp will.

I know I’ve cracked this if I can hear Thom Yorke’s vocals for the first time ever, that’s my goal.

Well, the general forums opinion is that it is better to sell than to acquire mains conditioners :slight_smile:

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Welcome - Nova is a cracking piece of kit which gives me enormous pleasure. Hope you find the same too

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Copying across should be fine, flac if you can as a format. I used to have a Uniti Star and still use the Samsung SSD to hold my downloads.

Yup, agreed…
mains conditioners are generally not recommended. Try removing for a short period and trying without to see it improves the sound?

I’ll try with and without - I’ve had the Tacima conditioner for years anyway so that at least isn’t additional.

Was reading with interest the thoughts on putting in a dedicated power line - maybe that’s something to look at in future.

I’m assuming it’s worth keeping the out-of-the-box power cable for now at least, but might I be better upgrading the power cable (I’m already there, see!!) rather than using mains conditioners?

It’s a new build property so the supply you would think should be decent with a new consumer unit etc.

Thanks for the advice and welcome already.

Welcome to the forum, nice system you have purchased, sure it will sound delightful - takes a bit of time to “burn in” so be patient as you may get some odd moments where it doesn’t sound right!

Thanks Gary I’ll bear that in mind. The unit was very cold when it arrived too so I’m letting it get up to room temperature before I play with it.

I started out intending to go for a Cambridge Audio CXA81 with Wharfedale Evo 4.4s, have done loads of reading to come to this point. It’s much like choosing camera lenses - you can get some kit which looks technically excellent and scores well in test charts, but for me it’s all about the character of the output. Yes you want resolution, but there’s more to it. That’s why I’ve ended up in camp Naim and why I went for Spendors - I think (hope) they design products for people to listen to, if that makes sense.

I’d forget the mains conditioner and use the cash for TQ Black II.

Absolutely and the the fact I can still get products serviced that are over 30 years old is impressive - this makes me feel ok with upgrading! That said streamers maybe more tricky from a longevity prospective!