Newbie - Nac 82 + phono input


i’m completely new to hi-fi and Naim.
I inherit a whole system : NAC82 + SUPERCAP + NAP250 + CD + XPS
The whole system is working great so far !

I would like to connect a Pro-ject turnable (essential III - no phono preamp integrated) to my NAC82.
Is it ok to use the supplied RCA cables => phone input
should I use a RCA to DIN cable and connect to input 2 or 3 ?

In the manual : ‘Input 1 (=phono?) can be converted into a phono input by fitting plug in boards’. What does it mean ?

Thanks for the help, sorry if this question is a bit trivial.

What a lovely system.

A line level source, such as your CD player, has an output of around 2V, so it connects to standard line level inputs, such as CD or tuner.

A record player has a much lower level output, so needs a phono stage to handle it. Moving magnet cartridges have a higher output than moving coils, but both of them are much lower than line level.

The 82 can be fitted with internal phono boards to accommodate either type of cartridge. Your 82 may already have them fitted. Alternatively you could get a separate external phono stage. It may have a little sticker on the back saying N, S or K. N is for MM, S is for MC and K was optimised for Linn MC cartridges. Otherwise you may need to open the case and take a look.


I have nothing to add, to what @hungryhalibut has posted above.


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Thanks !

And thank you for the quick answer ! and the explanation.
No stickers… I may take a look inside.

Hello !

so I found 2x NA526/1. So I guess it is good for “line level” inputs (CD…) but not for a record player.

Would it be OK to use an exernal phono stage and use RCA cable to input 1 then ?

You could do that. If it were me I’d get some different boards and keep it all simple. Tom Tom audio usually have a supply of used boards at decent prices. Other dealers may have them too.


Thanks ! I will have a look for “boards upgrade”.

Again, what @hungryhalibut said. THe Boards you would need are 522’s or 523’s. The 522 is the Moving Magnet so-called ‘N’ version. The 523’s are the Moving Coils - available in several versions (S, K and E), for different types. Warning… small Minefield ahead…

Agree, re TomTom - a very good source of pre-loved Naim, generally. There is also the well known auction site…


OK - I don’t live in UK, and don’t know all the good retailers :wink:

I WILL have a look at TomTom.

Thanks again @hungryhalibut and @IanRobertM !

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The FAQ on daughter boards can be read here:


Understood. Naim Phono Boards are quite small and would be easily posted/mailed to you… :smile:

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