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Newbie here to the Naim forum,

Some advice please as I have tried Google with limited results. I am hopefully taking delivery of a Uniti Atom very soon and will be using the HDMI arc facility to hook it up to my TV via 2 channel PCM. I have a sub which I will be connecting.

My question is how good is the Uniti Atom as a 2.1 receiver for TV/Movies? I can find very little online about it. I did read that the bass can be lacking but I am unsure whether the person reviewing was using a separate Sub. Is any member on this forum using the Atom as a 2.1 and can you offer your thoughts/advice?

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Well, the Atom is 2 channel only, so really there’s no 2.1 available (I.e. discrete separate .1 sub channel). Any sub would be using a full bandwidth 2 channel signal and just playing with the lowest frequencies, if they’re there. If you’re having to mix down multichannel to 2 channel then there may well be losses so bear that in mind.

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Thank you

All things to consider, ideally I would like to know who uses it as a 2 channel for their TV/Movies and what they think. I understand it will never be as good as a dedicated AVR but is it a genuine good alternative?

I use my Atom for some dvd/bluray playback.
It adds an extra dimension to some films, as you would expect, over the soundbar.
I dont use a sub although I do have one stored away. I dont see the need for it in my setup.

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