NewClassic200 / Live & Neutral wires?

Happy New Audiophile Year to all of you!

just moved from my supernait3/HicpaDR/ND5XS2 to the new classic NSC222 / NAP250 that I just received and started listening 2 days ago.

A sweet way to start the year.

I checked all my wiring today morning, marking the live wires on plugs and cables. All has been plugged in the right way and this makes a very very significant improvement. NSC222 and NAP250 are plugged on the wall, dedicated power line direct from the electrical meter.

one question please: I am assuming the Live point is on the bottom and neutral on top, looking at the MALE IEC plug connectors on the back of each gears.
Am I right?

The top (single) pin is the Earth/Ground.

Power - Live & Neutral - is on the bottom pair.



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Are you sure (remember Naim plug in sidways)?

Screenshot 2024-01-03 at 13.50.57

See the picture I just added… :thinking:

Yes I saw the edit after I edited mine :rofl:

I think the OP was referring to the position of the pins when in place on the naim box though so they are probably safe.

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The sockets are standard IEC ones; there’s no reason they would be wired any differently.

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I was conscious of the potential danger of getting this wrong… :scream:

It took me a few tries to find a suitable picture… :expressionless:

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Thank you so much,
The way I plugged and understand your directions:

That explains the huge improvement I obtained plugging the right manner :+1:

Have you made your own IEC mains cables? The plugs only fit in one way, and the terminals are clearly marked inside as L/E/N. It’s impossible to get it wrong unless you’ve made your own.


I guess they are in Europe, I think you can plug the wall socket in either way?

Indeed I checked the marking on the provided naim cables. But wanted to double check or measure by myself.

and yes I made my own cables :wink:

Yes in France. You cannot reverse on the walls, for this you need to use shuko powerbars. As I installed myself the line from the electric meter, I know how I wired the live on the wall.

There is lots of potential for confusion here, as the part mounted on the Naim unit has pins and lead has sockets.

Yet people might call the part on the Naim unit the ‘socket’ (as you push the ‘plug’ into it) - and the lead the plug (as it pushes into the ‘socket’).

What a Twisted Web the IEC has woven… :mage:

Which is how I once managed to solder a 5 pin din correctly - if you looked in a mirror!

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At least a DIN plug… is a plug. And a socket is a socket… :smiley:


With the original European power cable,the side with the 6 dots has to be the life.

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