Newest App version won't run on 4 year old iPAD - can this be right

Just tried to upgrade the Naim app on my iPad Mini to the latest Naim/Focal app…

Does not work…Can it really be true?

Are you on IOS 16.1.1?

We have an iPad mini 4 knocking around. It won’t update to IOS 16.1.1 (it’s on 15.7.1) but it will run the new app and I’ve just updated the app to the latest version.


I too have an iPad Mini 4, considerably more than 4 years old, running 6.0.3.

Probably need to update your iPad’s firmware first.

It turns out that my Mini iPad is a version 2 and it seems it cannot rum IOS higher than 12.5.6 - and Naim have chosen not to support versions below 13 - so that’s the situation…I’m sick of being trapped in Apples upgrade circus

It happens with all operating systems. It just hurts more with Apple… :wink:

I equally dislike this forever treadmill of things changing / upgrading for the sake of it. All my recent iPhone purchases have been used items. There are also good deals to be had from the Apple refurbished offerings from time to time - had some good deals.

The iPad Mini 2 was released on October 23, 2013 ! (ack. Wikipedia et al)

Rather disingenuous perhaps to suggest, particularly as OP, that the iPad you are trying to update is “only” 4 years old. Release date is the reference point for updates, rather than perhaps a purchase / acquired date.
Perhaps consider asking @Richard.Dane to change the date reference and include iPad mini 2 in the subject.

Additionally it would appear from the same reference ( Wikipedia ) that the same iPad was discontinued early 2017 …
Not much help for the OP but unfortunately this technology does have a limited lifespan …
Being supported and updateable for nearly 10 years cant be considered terrible these days with the rapid advances in technology.

I have a vague memory that it all pivoted several years ago when Naim switched to supporting only 64 bit processors.

Must go and look, but my iPad Mini 2 still runs the latest Roon Remote for iOS

I encountered a similar iPad issue in what I refer to as a “technology step”.

However maybe there is less of an issue with Android.
I installed the latest Naim App on both an Android 10 and older Android 7 tablets. Strangely the older Acer tablet running Android 7 worked much quicker on the Focal/Naim app.

So my iPad Mini 2 from 2013 running iOS 12.5.6, does run the latest version (including the early access versions) of the Roon Remote app but only the previous version of the Naim App, which is at version 5.24. However this version works just fine on this iPad.

Given I only use this iPad as a backup and the Naim app as a backup playback method, it’s ok.

Given the requirements and demands of this type of application which does work well on earlier iOS versions, I would personally expect a longer support lifecycle from Naim. I understand that it generates additional build and support workload, and Naim is not a software company etc., but do they want their customers spending money on the latest and greatest new iPads to provide support for their system or the equipment they offer?

I’m good with the old Naim app. I don’t need to see Focal stuff.

Xcode 14 (this year, 2022) no longer support building 32-bit apps.

That means you can no longer build for ios 10 (2016) and earlier using the latest xcode 14.

But you can still use Xcode 13.

Sorry, XCode is Apples developer tools. Apple warned developers three years ahead that iOS 11 would require 64-bit code (you had XCode build a combined 32/64-bit binary).

The reson was supporting both 32 and 64 bit in iOS wasted a lot of runtime-memory. In addition when you download an app the app-store makes sure you get code optimized for the processor in your device.

Confusing? All this is hidden from both users and developers unless (like me) you develop code to stop hackers tracing inside fintech apps.

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iMacs running older applications, lost those 32-bit versions a while back, so this issue of adoption of 64-bit apps is not new.

As @jan comments IIUC, Apple sets the environment in which apps such as Naim have to work.
The earlier versions of the Naim app continue to work on older tablets and phones.
Try getting a 2013 german car’s sat nav and from experience, updates are not easily available from main dealers.

The real and only issue with the Naim app will come if the next generation of Naim products requires the very latest app as a control point.

Since any new product didn’t exist when the app which runs on earlier iOS was released, then Naim can’t be expected to achieve full backwards compatibility.

It is regrettable that Naim are yet again pilloried over their apps. Overall there are many of us using the iOS version, that find it very satisfactory, reliable and capable, to select and play music from a variety of sources; YMMV.
Clearly for some who wish to add an additional layer of control, Roon exists; by all accounts a number of Naim owners find it meets their needs.


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