Newly Serviced/re-capped 62/90 or 202/200 service state unknown

Which would sound better ?

Potentially the NAC202 and NAP200 should be much the better sounding pair. The NAP90 was arguably Naim’s weakest amp (a NAP110 was SO much better) and a NAP200 in good fettle should trounce it. Only question is how bad the 202/200 might need a service, if at all.

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Serviced 202-200… :crazy_face:

Don’t buy any amp unless you’re prepared to have it serviced when needed, especially a power amp.

The 202/200 should sound better, but before you commit you should ask the seller to provide the serial numbers. This will give you an idea of age, and Naim will be able to tell you if they have ever serviced it.
Is the 200 a DR model? This widens the gap further as it improves the preamp performance, unless you add a Hicap.

Only consider the 62/90 with speakers that are a very easy load. The NAP90 is no power house.

Especially any NAP250 or above (135,300, etc). You might also add power supllies.

Think of it as buying a used car, with unknown service history. Change the oil & cam belt, right…?

Ask a simple question, get a simple answer :grin:

I probably should bring cost into the equation, the 202/200 would cost C$3,000. It likely has never been serviced.

The servicing of my 62/90 will cost C$900. It has a Flatcap too.

I also have a 72/Hicap/140 and a 72/Hicap/250 in various rooms in my house.

Thanks for the replies so far !

Like a mountain view as the mist clears … gradually you get to see the true picture.

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