Next move - 500dr or source first?

So having l internally gone crazy on my system since buying the B&W 803d4s, I am considering my next move. May as well go for the whole mid life crisis move.

I took the advice front the forum to go source first and put a CD555 PS on my NDX2. At the time I had 2xhicaps, NAC282, NAP300dr. What a joy it was to hear the NDX2 come to life.

Then following the other advice I swapped out. The NAC282 for the 552. F888 me I cannot describe the leap. I am still emotionally engaged in my system in a way I have never been.

I feel super privileged to even own such a thing but I am now curious about what more I can find… at some level it seems hard to believe.

Last week I got offered an option on a 500dr 2020 (8k) or a ND555 (8k) 2020. I don’t NEED to do anything but I ‘have just sold a few other bits and pieces and could do one or the other… based on listening at my dealer I dumped the idea of moving to two 350s. Also there are some amazing second hand prices.

Of course I ‘need to try but what are the thoughts on here? Always super helpful to get views. Well most of them

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Source first rules here. ND555 will be a significant upgrade over your NDX2. A second 555 power supply would be my next upgrade followed by a 500DR.

This is a great time to pick up 500 series bargains, used prices are low and performance is high.


should be source first but…you got a 552, id get the nap500dr if i was my dosh.

This also a massive emoji!haha biggest iv seen this week


Get that 500DR, those BWs will always thank you.


I wish I knew how I did that! Mad.

Thanks yes makes sense.

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It is where my sense is going….

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Is this the price?
Buy both or 500dr first as it comes naturally with 500ps

it seems the emoji’s are on your side!haha

I’ve done all the 500 upgrades separately
No doubt - ND555


Tell me more - that experience is helpful….

Yes that’s the price

That’s an offer you shouldn’t refuse!

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ND555 sounds nothing like the NDX2 (in a good way). I believe you’d get more from the ND555 than the 500DR. That is, if streaming is your main source.


Yes streaming is my main source. Thanks

Nd555 is a beast!
Love it every day!
Got a 2022 for 12k incl 555ps.

Your deal is similar or even better.
But a 2020 500dr is a steal!!,

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Music more detail and more organic.
Second 555drps adds even more, shockingly so.


My 2nd ps is waiting for the „moment“ :smile:

this is a very difficult one.

Even though I am a source first person, in this case I would say, I would go for a 500 DR.

the reason is the B&W are hungry speakers. they need the 500 DR


Of the 2 options, definitely a 500DR - you will not be disappointed IMO.

And it’s an end game power amplifier too…


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You have done a similar path.
I am in my adaptation phase with 500dr. What can i expect from 2nd ps which is waiting to be switched on?