Next step - 552 or 252 and 500 or 350s…?

So I am now thinking about my next step - I am happy with my set up but the addition of the 555 DR Power Supply on the NDX2 was so big I am wondering where to next.

I know from all the chat that I needed to at some point move towards more power but I wanted to get source first sorted with the CD555PS - Job done and I am very pleased. I am also grateful for the advice even if at times it was a little direct :wink: ‘I can’t believe you have a naked NDX2 on that system with those speakers!’.

Anyway, next step. I am not looking for the comments that say ‘go test for yourself’ because I have already demoed and will have the set up in my house before I buy. I am looking to see what you lovely people think and feel given all of your experience. I love to throw it all in there as I look at these things.

The two OBVIOUS places I need work (although some may disagree) are in the Pre and Amp space. My dealer was offering me a ND555 however…. LOLs

The 282 is something I haven’t really considered yet but I have looked at a 252 and Supercap - BUT my dealer has said that they could do me the 552 for £20k and I have seen them not that old for £12k ish on the auction site…. The 552 however I look at it is double whether second hand or new via my dealer…. Thoughts?

Then then there is the Power - all the comments on my last post were telling me the Power Amp wasn’t up to it with the BWs. I don’t agree, and neither did Naim or B&W when I spoke to their engineers. Although the B&W dude did say that they are touring it with the MICHI which huge power capabilities. I mean McIntosh is interesting but that is like going from a Nikon body to a Canon - all my kit is Naim.

So I am looking at the 350s - NO I don’t think you need all the same colour on your LEDs. I am good with a mix of white and green. The 350s sounded awesome when I played with them and I think I can get them at £10k so feels good. BUT I am in the territory of a 500DR ex dem at that level - the market is great. So I am pondering…… The Monos I am assuming have more power to drive the speakers… Thoughts?

That then adds one more thought in the mix - what about the 332? How does that compare to the other pre-amps?

Too much to think about. Of course it needs more playing but your thoughts are welcome.

My current set up -

2 x HiCap DR
B&W 803 D4

Chord cables and power filter.
Naim Fraim.

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The NDX2 with the 555ps is superb combination had it in my system for a couple of weeks when my ND555 was away for repair.

Having heard the 300 series the 350s are superb but I feel they need the best front end to do them justice ?

I’ve been using a 300dr for several years mainly with a 252/Supercap dr and for the last couple of years a 552 I did have a 282 slotted in when the 552 dropped a relay without stating the obvious the system sounded at its absolute best by far with 552.

If you can get one at the right price it will be well worth a listen the dealer brought his 552 over on demo and it never left the house.

But as ever please listen in your system if you can.


pcd - I will be trying in my own how set up I promise. I have made that mistake before.

What speakers do you have on the other end of the 300dr?


I’m using Kudos Titan 606 speakers (See profile for full system) same as my dealer at the recent demo.

Hi - My system is in my profile, all I can say is that the 552/300 with my Titans is a sublime music maker. I doubt you’d be disappointed. I can’t comment on the 350s but my hunch would be having got a 552 hold out a little longer for a 500.

Good luck.


Couldn’t agree more, as a matter of interest my dealer has offered a loan of the 350s the Naim rep said they would supply the correct cables in order I cn fully evaluate the 350s in my system at home should I wish.

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I’d hold out for a used 552 DR and 500 DR which you could pick up for £20k in total. Used Naim gear will not generally disappoint. If you wanted to spend considerably less a used 300DR would also be ideal at a vastly reduced price.
EBay can be a great place to pick up well looked after used equipment!


If you choose to upgrade your amp first, instead of your preamp, you could always sell off the dual HiCaps and buy a Supercap DR for not much more on the secondary market. I’ve never understood the theory of installing 2 HiCaps on a 282 when you can have a Supercap for not much more (at least here in the USA). That should be a decent upgrade for very little cost. 252s are also dropping in price so jumping from a 282/2xHiCap DR setup to a 252/Supercap DR setup should be a very minimal outlay if shopping on the secondary market.

Your end goal should ultimately lead the path forward. Is your end goal to spend as little as possible while still upgrading, have the best old classic system regardless of cost, or the best new classic system regardless of cost? Value for money may drive one person while the best sound at any cost will drive another.

I would consider 552 first then Nd555. Or go for 332/350 in one or 2 steps.
Not sure the old classic ( like 282 ) have the best synergy with NC , like 350 s.

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Same idea here.
Try 552 first - should be sublime with 300dr 252 ??? Some say it is more sideways from 282 - 282 boogie - 252 refinement… 552 both
Nd555 is very good too.
At the end the budget dictates it a bit.

552 first!


With this swapping for a 552 Pre first would give the best balance and cohesion to the system.
I’ve always found the best Pre you can obtain, as long as you have a good source - then after that improve the Source and finally Power Amp.

Get a good priced 552 even non-DR and it will be a huge upgrade and works very nicely with the 300.



Source, pre for SQ.
speakers to suit taste and room. Power amp to suit speakers….

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The 282 sounds like a bit of a blunt instrument after a 552, albeit a very tuneful one. Revisiting it recently was fun but it was a relief to return to the 552. Just don’t put the NDX2 above it even fed from a separate ps.

Slightly off topic I think, so apologies to the OP if this isn’t relevant.

I am so very curious to the above posters who have very, very good electronics that front Kudos Titan speakers.

Is it because of limited space in your rooms that you have Kudos 505/606 speakers ?

Or are they just wonderful speakers that matches so very well with naim, that the added bonus of being very forgiving IRT room placement etc. that you all chose them above other speakers ?

Genuinely curious, as I cannot get to hear Kudos in my area.

Can I ask what your experience has been with the NDX interfering with the 552’s performance? What happens?

The 606s sound excellent. Nothing more to add.

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It was a CDX2 but similarly equipped with an internal transformer and powered by a 555ps. When I ran my 552 with a 250 the CDX2 sat above the 552 and the system sounded lively but replacing the 250 with a 500 drained the life out of it with the 500 on bottom left and its ps either bottom right, which put the Burndys hard on the floor, or fourth ps up on the right, which raised the Burndys but it was now sitting higher than the 552. It was the same with both vinyl and digital source. Swapping the CDX2 with the 552 brought the life back and te expected benefit of the 500 appeared. I suspect stray field from the rather large tranny in the 500ps was coupling with the unused one in the CDX2 and the 552 was sat in the middle. With a 300ps the effect will be smaller but the 552 is a sensitive blighter. A 282 in the same position didn’t care, or not enough to notice.

Thanks for sharing @Yeti . You inspired me to do a bit of testing myself and I’ll be posting my results in a separate thread soon to appear in Hi-Fi Corner :nerd_face: :bar_chart:

552 is the best move I’ve made to date on my upgrade path. Highly recommended